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Funny Things She Says…

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This is for Nana- we wrote it down this time.  Now we’ll always remember how funny Ella girl is:

1.  “Yeah!  That be be fun!”
2.  “Don’t hold my Seffy!”
3.  Ella, it’s time for a nap in 10 minutes, but if you start fussing now, we’ll just go straight to bed:  “Okay- I’m a happy girl.  Whew!  That was a close one!”
4.  The end of a Boz book- ‘What better way to start the day?’:  “Oh, I don’t know….how about another one”
5.  Ella, where’s Poody?:  “He’s at Audrey’s house.”
6.  “Don’t feed Seffy….feed THIS baby!”
7.  At the dinner table:  “Mommy, are you finished?  Come on!  You can dood it!”
8.  “May….I need some chockit milk please….PLEASE!”
9.  “Wanna go swimmin in the big pool?  Come on daddy! Want to?  Come on!”
10. “I just need my small bank-a-wet (blanket) and small puppy!”
11. Ella, do you love Rosie?  “Yeah.  She’s a NICE friend.”
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