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Funny Ella

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Ella said this tonight after our devotion time before bed.

Ella: Can you make mom sleep in my bed with me tonight?

Me: Mom isn’t going to sleep with you, and I don’t MAKE her do things.

Ella: But momma makes YOU do things, Daddy.

Laughter follows, and I proceed to tell Emily and give her a hard time about it.

This girl makes us laugh!

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Big Changes for Bubba

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Seth will be three on May 1.  I just can’t believe it!  In some ways, it seems like time has flown, and in others, it seems like we’ve done SO MUCH in only three years.  And I guess we have done a lot in three years to prepare him for this birthday.  Since birth, we’ve been preparing Seth for this day, because at three, Seth gets to start school.

This guy is thriving!


Since he was six weeks old, we’ve used therapists for Seth (PT, OT, SLP) through ECI- Early Childhood Intervention.  We’ve had such a fantastic experience and met some wonderful people- friends- through this journey of helping Seth achieve milestones along the way.  As his mother, I’ve received so much support, resources and help in this amazing journey of raising a child with special needs.  No doubt, the Lord chose some special people to come along side me during this time.  I have a new definition of hero:  those that have dedicated their lives and their careers to help kids like Seth and moms like me.

His next steps will be graduating ECI and moving to PPCD- Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities.  On Thursday, we had a big meeting with the school district in which Seth was evaluated by a Diagnostician, Physical Therapist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and PPCD Lead Teacher.  Talk about intimidating!  I had a hard time eating that morning…. BUT, the team was extremely warm and welcoming toward Seth and me, and we quickly felt comfortable and “safe” for lack of a better term.

They played with him for more than an hour through some physical exercises (kicking, stairs, jumping), fine motor (coloring, picking up small objects, peg board), cognative (puzzles, following directions, stacking, sorting, categorization) and launguage exercises (expressive and receptive communication).  It sounds like a lot, and it was.  But our little fella did GREAT!  If he was ever at his best, it was Thursday afternoon.  I’m praising God that he felt good and was able to just shine.  Of course, he charmed them and they were eating out of his hand by the end of the evaluation.  PT said he might get some gross motor work at school to help with stairs.  OT was totally impressed that he held a pencil the right way and could draw a circle.  SLP was amazed at all of his signs and emerging/existing words.  Lead teacher said he’ll be the favorite in school without a doubt.  They LOVED him and I heard “he’s SO cute” about a hundred times.  🙂

So, off he goes.  Big changes for Bubba….and Ella too.  Can you imagine how she’s going to react the first day that the bus shows up at our house to pick him up and she can’t get on it to go too?  I know that he’ll do well in PPCD and I’m very comfortable with and excited about him starting on Monday, May 2.  I’ll take him to school the first few days and let him get used to riding the bus home before I send him off on it in the mornings, but that is the plan by the end of the first week.

We ask that you would continue to pray with us that the Lord would help his little brain to make those connections so that his speech will continue to grow.  We’ve seen great improvement in the last few months and it sure is making life at the Fun House a lot easier with a communicating toddler!  God has been so, so good to us and to Seth.  He has been faithful to provide for us and send folks to encourage us along the way.  It’s my prayer that one day, Seth would be able to tell his own story of God’s faithfulness in his life.  When I look at Seth, I can’t help but think about how amazing and how creative our God is.  I’m just humbled that we were chosen to love him every day of our lives.

Pray for Seffy on Tuesday morning, as he’ll be having his fifth set of T-tubes (ears) and a tonsillectomy.  Should be an overnight hospital stay for us, so please pray for rest, complete healing, and logistics.  Pray with us that this surgery will help provide relief and complete healing to Seth’s chronic ear infections and sleep apnea.  To God be the glory!

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Video: Kyle sits up

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Kyle reaches a milestone while Seth makes sure he doesn’t get a big head about it all….

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Get In! A Family Adventure….

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Today was the perfect day to go to the zoo.  Or so we thought, as did everyone else in the city!  As we inched up to the entrance in a line of what must have been several thousand (dozen) cars in front of and behind us, we had to quickly shift gears and figure out a Plan B.  After all, we’d just sung Raffi’s version of “Going to the Zoo” and talked about snowcones, train rides and monkeys on the way.  These kids were salivating all things zoo!

Joel is a good man and smart man.  We soon pulled into the parking garage of the Children’s Museum and were eating our perfect picnic lunch on the sidewalk in no time.  After several hours of all kinds of fun, I think the kids have given us a great indication of what they could grow up to be.  Ella was a natural behind the camera and should make a great meteorologist on day!  Seth really took to the crime lab and police car…you can see him practicing his officer friendly wave below:

Seth was ready to roll out of the museum

Kyle wasn’t as impressed with the Children’s Museum as the big two, and he found mommy’s shoulder to be the perfect spot for a power nap!

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Saturday fun

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Seth and Daddy just having fun out on the porch at Nana and Pappy’s house.  Time to relax after an afternoon of family photos.  Whew!


What joy!

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Wedding Day!

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Our sweet friend Sarah got married and this was a quick pic of Ella and I as we were getting ready to leave.  It was a beautiful afternoon wedding and Ella’s first, I might add.  We had a lot of fun getting all gussied up together.  If only I had a flower for my hair too!

We had a fun time getting ready


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Mimi and Poppa with Kyle and Ella

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Mimi and Poppa just retired to Tyler, Tx.  Man, are we ever glad they are closer to us!  This is the first of many weekend trips for a fun visit.

Mimi and Kyle got along really well

Poppa's only granddaughter

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Pretty in Pink

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That’s just our Ella girl.

We're not sure where she learned the pose

Think she likes it?

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Three sleepers

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Peaceful Kyle

Kyle loves his sleep sack

Half on half off Seth

We aren't sure how this happens

Beautiful Ella

She loves her pink pillow


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Video: Seth enjoys a pop

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