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We’re Moved!

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Just wanted to put a quick note out in blogger land to let you know
that we’re all moved in and happy to be here! The new house is
beautiful and is already starting to feel like home thanks to Mimi’s
help and fabulous decorating skills. We’ll be painting in the next
month, so everything will be rearranged again, but we’re grateful to
at least know where forks and towels and socks and princesses are at
this point. Ella is finishing her antibiotics from the ear infections
and is doing MUCH better! Seth is hanging on to the cough and we’ve
got one ear completely cleared up….still working on another one with
antibiotics. Momma is on her second round of antibiotics to clear up
a tough sinus infection, but I’m feeling much better now that I’ve
been able to rest rather than pack or unpack. Thanks SO much to both
of our mothers and all the friends who helped us in the last few
weeks. We couldn’t have done it alone- praise God for people that
love us.

Stay tuned for an AWESOME story about God’s faithfulness in this whole
move. I want to take time to sit and write out what He’s done for us,
but haven’t carved out enough time yet.

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One Response to “We’re Moved!”

  1. Amanda January 23, 2009 at 9:34 am #

    Yeah! I’m so glad y’all made it to your new place!

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