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15 Favorite Things About Ella Right Now….

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1.  When asked a question, instead of saying yes, Ella says, “K!”

2.  Ella puts her hand out in front of Rose before going outside and says, “Baaack, Wose!”

3.  Ella starts me out on whatever song she wants me to sing.  Some favorites are, “Jesus, Jesus” (either There’s Just Something About That Name or Jesus Loves Me) and “A, B, C”…..

4.  Ella, Joel and I dancing to the Hokey Pokey in the living room….Ella tried so hard to put her right foot in by tapping her toe on the ground and turning around!

5.  “Mama, Mama, Maaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa!!!!!!”

6.  When she wants to go outside, she runs up to you and says, “Outside, Shoes???”  Then she runs to the rug by the front door, and says “See-Down” as she sits on the floor, then shakes her head with the biggest smile, lets out a belly laugh, and says, “K!” as we put shoes on her feet.  This is several times a day……

7.  “Peeky Mama!!!  Peeky!”

8.  The minute I even look serious about disciplining her, she throws her head back and runs to me, hugging my neck as hard as she can, then kisses me and says, “Oooooh, Mama!”

9.  Ella hasn’t been in her high chair 3 minutes and she says and signs ‘all done’ by saying, “Ah, Dah?” (all the while flipping her hands over and over).  All of this with a look on her face like, “I shouldn’t have to tell you I’m all done…..anyone would agree that I shouldn’t be in this predicament.”  The same applies to having her diaper changed, sitting in her car seat or in the grocery cart.

10. “Nack (snack), nack, nack, nack, nack, nack, nack, nack….mo (more) nack, mo nack, mo nack…..cacko (cracker) nack? cacko nack?…….chee (cheese) nack? chee nack? chee nack?……NAAAAAAACK!”  All this to alert me she’s hungry and throughout the snack-preparing process until finally, “NAAAAAACK!”—-it hits her mouth.

11.  Pulling pieces of fruit out of the drawer in the fridge with baby bite marks all over them.  How’d she get in there without my noticing?

12.  Seeing Ella sit down with my makeup bag and pretty much simulate my entire getting ready process by patting her nose with the powder puff, brushing her face with the blusher and then dabbing chapstick on her lips.  I never taught her how to do any of this…..scary.

13. Not just friends, but strangers coming up to me in the store and saying, “She looks just like her momma!”

14.  Finding her sitting in her room with books all over the floor and one in her lap, reading outloud to herself.

15.  THE BEST OF ALL:  Ella is thrilled to hold hands and pray before a meal, and then give us an assertive, “A-MEN!” after we say it.  During the meal, we’ve often caught her bowing her head, closing her eyes and clasping her hands together before whispering her own prayer then exclaiming with a smile on her face, “A-MEN!”  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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2 Responses to “15 Favorite Things About Ella Right Now….”

  1. Mimi Skaggs May 4, 2007 at 10:45 am #

    I just can’t believe our baby is talking so big! Time goes too fast….I miss you sweet Ella!

  2. Amanda K. May 7, 2007 at 11:37 am #

    That Ella is a stinker…we love her so much!!

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