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10 Months!

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Time is flying by with Ella now crossing the 10-month mark!  She’s become quite the little entertainer and keeps us laughing much of the time.  Some of her favorite things to do are play peek-a-boo (either upside down or covering her own eyes and immediately shouting "BAH!"), hide and seek, uh-oh (by dropping her cup off the side of the high chair), reading Brown Bear and taking a bath.  She’s also getting quite good at feeding herself, so we’re constantly experimenting with, "Can she eat that?  I don’t know….let’s try it."   Her Mimi taught her to pat her chest and say "Ella…", although it sounds more like "Bah-duh."  She’s in the sharing phase and likes to try to give Momma a taste of whatever is in her hand.  Also likes to try to stick her binky in our mouths and gets really tickled when we refuse it.  Daddy walks her around the house and shows her things up high, so she’s always pointing up to get us to show her stuff.  A favorite "up" thing is a stuffed antelope at Pappy’s house.  When playing hide and seek the other day, Momma was hiding in Daddy’s closet and when Ella found her, she looked around a bit and said "Dada."  We thought that was pretty smart!  Stay tuned….we expect walking any day now.  She’s cruising like a pro!

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