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Archive - October, 2008

New Ears!

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Seffy has new ears!  He did great through surgery- the doctor was very pleased.  He scoped Seth's lungs and found narrower air passages- not a surprise considering the DS.  However, both his ears and lungs are now thriving, healthy and "pink" according to the doc.  Praise the Lord!  We were at the hospital at 6:15 for pre-op stuff with a bunch of little "yellow" (see pic below) toddlers and babies…..couldn't decide if they looked more like karate ninjas or convicts.  Surgery started at 8:45 yesterday morning and we were home by 11:30.

I really think this has opened up a new world to him….I can tell by the way he looks at me and seems to be more alert/in-tune with what's going on in the room.  He's also babbling a lot more, and it's just been a day!  I'm so glad our little puddin' can hear!

God sent us an unexpected blessing yesterday morning.  During surgery, we met Noah, a PRECIOUS little three-year-old boy with DS, and his parents.  Joel and I spotted him and couldn't help but rush over to meet him.  His little eyes just danced as he entertained us with his bubbling personality!  We were able to connect with his mom and dad, who gave us a lot of good information and will be a great resource for us.  I love those unexpected surprises- thanks, Lord!

Ella is on the mend, but she was SIIIIIIIICK!  I tell you, we feel like we've been through the ringer over here!  Seth and Ella both napped yesterday afternoon for 4 hours, which means I got to sleep for 2.  We're all still low on energy (except for Mr New Ears) and trying to recover.  Our plan this weekend is to hire out as many household chores as possible to get the house ready for the market next week.  Big stuff!!!  Thanks for praying and asking about us.  Thank you, Lord, for always being faithful- He is our constant when life continues to change.

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Weekend Update

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Garage sale all day Saturday morning and then Joel and I threw up fairly consistently from midnight to 6 am on Sunday morning.  We are thinking about sending a thank you note to Whataburger, as that’s the only thing we can trace it back to.  PTL, neither of the kids got sick and no one we know is sick…..so it had to be something we ate, right? UPDATE: ELLA IS NOW SICK. We think it was indeed a bug. Pray that Seth avoids it.

We are thankful when everyone is healthy

MUCHOS GRACIAS to Nana for coming to help with the babies, cleaning, laundry, etc.  It would have been so hard to make it through all of that without help.  The thought of buttering a waffle for Ella still makes my stomach turn flips and I just praise God that I didn’t have to do it.  Really and truly, I felt that bad.
Here are some ways we can praise the Lord through the weekend, though it ended poorly:
-Baby weight is offically gone, thanks to E. coli!
-The kids didn’t get sick.
-Nana took care of the kids so we could sleep.
-We made $168 at our garage sale on Saturday.
-All closets, drawers, the pantry and attic are cleaned out and ready to be moved.
The MOST important part of this post is to ask for your prayers for Seth on Tuesday morning at 8:15.  He’ll have a day surgery to have tubes placed in his ears.  As Nana says, “Seffy is getting new ears on Tuesday!”  Pray all goes well and that surgery is routine.  Pray they can find a vein for the IV with no problems (last surgery, he had been poked all over), and pray that he wakes up without pain and nausea.  Pray for the doctor who performs the surgery- he’ll also being scoping his lungs to check his air passages before we get into cold/flu season.  The reason is that DS kids often have smaller, more constricted air passages, and the scope will give the doc a better idea of his passages when they’re healthy, should he need to prescribe breathing treatments or something else for the fall.  Pray against anxiety for mom and dad.  Thank you, thank you for your prayers and concern for us.  It is so humbling and so encouraging to me and Joel that you care so much.  We’ll let you know about “new ears” tomorrow!
Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!  Em
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We Was Robbed!!!!!

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Well, as the novel continues to write itself, here's another chapter:  our house was broken into last week and we were robbed.  Yeah, I know, I could hardly believe it myself.  Quick synopsis:  I left the house for 15 minutes with the kids to drive through McDonald's and came home to some suspicious activity….saw the guy in our neighborhood as I left and as I drove back into the area….only he was carrying a black briefcase on the was out.  My intuition said, "He just stole something- guess I should get a good look in case I have to give a description."  10 minutes later, I did just that with the police.

It's just stuff.  All he took ("he" being the delinquent teenage boy) was our laptop, my iPhone and our iPod.  Didn't mess anything up in the house- apparently, just after the Apple products.  Well, he DID take more than stuff- including my feelings of "I love this house!" and intangibles like privacy, etc.  Joel and I are now working to get the house on the market ASAP.  It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  We'd been discussing it for a while and planned to live here for only 5 years anyway- it's been 4.5.  The burbs are looking pretty good right about now……Huge garage sale this Saturday morning at our place and a couple of neighbors across the street- come if you want clothes, shoes, rejected baby toys/products, etc!!!!!

Oh, and for the love, get an alarm system in your house.  For peace of mind, if nothing else!

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Halloween costume preview?

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That’s a happy pepper.

It doesn't get much cuter

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Progress Report

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Just an update on Seth's progress- our little fella is doing so well!  Praise God for His continued blessing on us with healthy children.  It seems as though I have one or two appointments every week, but I continue to remind myself- Seth is healthy, much of it is proactive measures, things could be much worse!

Today is Seffy's 5-month old birthday.  He celebrated by getting his first drink of water out of mommy's cup.  It was cold and surprising to him, but I think he enjoyed the experience.  Ella, daddy and I got a kick out of it for sure!  Ella continues to tell us, "He can't eat that!  He's a BABY!  When he gets bigger and bigger and he has teeth and hair, then he can eat it!"  Thank you, Ella…  

Anyway, I took him to the pediatrician today for another quick check and vaccination.  We're spacing his vaccines out to one a month rather than bundling them to 3 and 4 at a time.  Sure, he may be 12 by time we're done with them, but Joel and I've read a lot of information about developmental side effects in giving multiple vaccines at once, so we are erring on the side of caution.  He did great- no tears and a sparkly silver bandaid that Ella kept her eye on all day.  Did I mention he's now 16 lbs?  And his sister was 18 lbs on her first birthday….looks like he'll have her beat!

Before our hurrication with Ike a couple of weeks ago, we'd decided to make an appointment for Seth with a pediatric ENT.  Our pediatrician recommended a group in the med center….I liked the office and our new doctor.  I was prompted to make an appointment when I learned through some research that kids with Downs can have fluid in the middle ear that may never turn into an ear infection, but could cause significant hearing loss. It would need to be checked regularly due to very small ear canals and poor drainage as a result (remember, his ear canals are about the width of a coffee straw).  

Not to my surprise, Seth did have fluid in both ears so we went to see an audiologist who performed a quick hearing test (amazing that they can do this on babies).  Sure thing, Seth failed the hearing tests in both ears; both the audiologist and ENT assured me that since Seth passed his newborn hearing screen, it is most likely that this is a temporary hearing loss that will be easily corrected with treatment.  

The ENT praised me for being a proactive parent in researching health issues and getting things checked out.  I then praised the Lord for leading me to that information.  He said he's had many toddlers with Downs in his office with the same problem who were not yet speaking because they've never been able to hear well.  We know that Seth has some hearing right now because we've seen him react to loud sounds and he is starting to mimic some sounds I make.  But, when it all comes down to it, the boy has got to hear well, so he'll be getting tubes put in on Oct 21.  This is something we'll probably keep doing with him as they fall out until he's about 4 or 5 and has grown out of it.  I just praise God that he's healthy and has had no ear infections and that our sweet boy will gain full hearing again in just a few weeks!

Seth's physical therapy is going well.  He's starting to raise up to a sitting position and is wanting to sit up much of the time if he's awake.  We're working on building stamina in his legs, neck and torso so that he will be ready to stand when the time comes!  We're also working on getting him to roll from back to tummy and he's almost there.  He loves the Bumbo chair and Ms. Linda (therapist) said he's making great strides and could be the model/demo baby at their next training because he is doing so well.  Just name the time and place, Ms. Linda, and I'll have him there…..

I'm thinking about checking out the local chapter of the National Down Syndrome Society.  Saw some pics online of cute kiddos and I know just talking to other parents could be a great learning experience for us.  These kids are a rarity and I wonder if there are any other babies his age that he might grow up with as a special buddy.  

I love him more and more and you were right mom, I could love my second child just as much as my first.  I'd take 10 just like him if I could……dr appointments and all.  I love this child and the questions about his future don't scare me anymore.  He's just mine.  My Seth.
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