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Archive - September, 2011

The big visit

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Our good friends, Jamey and Gillian, and their children, Violet and Marek, came to visit the Fun House recently. We were their first stop after a long international flight from Singapore. After we let them recover somewhat from jet lag (13 hour time difference), we had loads of fun watching the kids do their thing. Violet and Ella were stuck together the entire visit.

Seth enjoyed the company

Violet and Ella couldn't be separated

The most fun was had when Jamey and I thought up the idea of placing a slip and slide at the bottom of the slide in the backyard. Jamey provided the slip and slide and I provided the great video. Seth only went once at the end. He was a little anxious about the whole thing. Jamey and Gillian left after a few days and headed off to attend a family member’s wedding. The good news is that Jamey and Gillian are very likely going to be moving back to the Houston area after their 5 year odyssey overseas. Enjoy the video!


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Video Blog: Seth goes to preschool

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After Seth’s 3.5 week bout with various types of illness, he was finally able to go to his preschool, albeit a week removed from when the other kids began. Nonetheless, it is a milestone worth celebrating at the Fun House. The video starts with Ella showing off at the pool again. She’s seen daddy do a flip into the water before. With NO HELP OR PRODDING FROM HER DAD, she has started doing this as well. I think it’s pretty cool, while I’m sure the grandmothers are holding their breath.

Seth was ready for preschool

I also have some video of Seth helping water the plants, and finally I show the big day when Seth was able to catch the bus for his first day of school. He knew that bus was coming, and he remembered this was good thing. He started preschool the last few weeks of the previous school year after he turned three.  Seth is able to go this preschool program because of some of his developmental delays related to Down syndrome. But, as far as we can tell, Seth thinks it’s a half day party every week day. Enjoy the movie.

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