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Archive - June, 2012

Video: ABC Speech Therapy

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Here at the fun house we make a lot videos that make you laugh and smile. This one may or may not do that, but it is particularly effective in getting my son to learn his ABCs and make the right shapes with his mouth. Children with Down syndrome often have speech delays and require different types of therapy to meet milestones that typically developing children do with ease.

These boys are keeping us busy

Seth really enjoys watching videos of daddy, so my wife told me that I should make a video that would have some therapy value. So, here it is. The key was for him to see my mouth making the letters and the words. We’ve found that he’ll string three and sometimes four words together singing, and he rarely does this any other time. Maybe it will of help to someone else. Our beautiful Ella was gracious to help with the recording of this one, and she is prominently featured.


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Video: Seth can step in time

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Today, Seth, Kyle and I were hanging out at the house while Emily was watching Ella at a swim meet. Ella’s starting to swim fast. Her backstroke is almost as fast as her freestyle. The breathing part slows her down a little on the freestyle.

First year in swim team for Ella

While we were at the house, the boys and I took some photos. Here’s a good one.

Fun with the tripod

While we were home, we also did a little dancing. One of Seth’s favorite movies to watch is Mary Poppins, but it’s not because of Mary Poppins. The primary draw for him is Mr. Banks and, of course, Burt. He calls them Burt and Banks. His absolute favorite part of the movie is the nine minute long “Step in Time” portion of the movie where Burt and all the chimney sweeps dance. He typically gets up and holds the iPad and dances along. Needless to say, we’ve heard that song plenty. Today, I decided to purchase that song, and now when Seth hears it, he just dances along. We are keeping it fun at the fun house. Enjoy the video:

By the way, say a prayer for Seth when you think about it. We are back to potty training. It didn’t go splendidly the first time. We are dedicated this summer.

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