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Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  Have you bought your decorations yet?  Just kidding….isn’t it funny that there’s now and “month” and a “day” to celebrate or bring awareness to most everything these days?  But this momma can’t think of anything more noteworthy than to bring awareness (and maybe even dispel some fears) about Down syndrome!

So, a little more than four-and-a-half years ago, I would have found myself in the shoes of someone who knew nothing about Down syndrome, other than the fact that it is some sort of “condition” that a “friend-of-a-friend” had a child with, etc.  Under-informed, hesitant, scared and generally uneducated were some phrases that you might use to describe my perspective on DS, though I’d probably tell you very quickly that I knew a lot about it because I have (at one time or another) been in close proximity (or even the same room) as someone with Down syndrome.

I never thought Seth would climb this thing! I was so wrong.

So, here’s my list of preconceived notions about someone with Down syndrome that qualified me to talk about it and feel sorry for people with it……and the truths that I now know about the beauty of the extra chromosome.  WOW…wish I had read this years ago!  Here goes:

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