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Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2018!

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We will be celebrating Seth and all of his T21 friends across the world tomorrow.

Here’s an excerpt of a blog post my wife wrote on this day a few years ago:

The time is now for people of all colors, races, age, religions, genders or ways of life to recognize another group in our society that is too often left out when we throw out the word “diversity.”  Simply put, they are the many men, women, boys and girls who are differently-abled and part of the special needs community.  If as employers, educators, neighbors and churches….if as human beings, we are preaching to one another the value of diversity, then we must stand prepared to not only include, but to actively embrace those differently-abled members of the special needs community as our valuable equals.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  Today, 3.21.14, I am thankful to be celebrating with many people around the globe, the remarkable men, women, boys and girls in our lives who help diversify the special needs community, particularly those that have three copies of the twenty-first chromosome.  This day is also for celebrating the friends, family members and the many people around the world who work hard to advocate for the inclusion of people of all abilities.

Enjoying lunch with Seth at his school

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