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9 Month Check-Up

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We can’t believe Ella is already 9 months old!  Her check-up went well today.  She had only one shot and a little bloodwork done to test iron levels (standard procedure).  I don’t know what she hated worse- being pinned down or being pricked.  She’s 28 inches tall and 16.5 pounds.  Translation:  tall and skinny.  Dr is pleased with her growth and development and said she’ll be walking before we know it.  Ella just started blowing her food out of her mouth the minute I spoon it in….then smiles because she thinks it’s funny.  It’s hard not to let her see us laugh.  She’s also starting to share her crackers with whoever is sitting close by.  It gives us a great opportunity to introduce “please” and “thank you.”  She loves someone to blow on her hands and feet and lets out a hearty belly laugh almost every time.  The house is slowly becoming un-decorated.   If she can’t reach something, she’s now getting up on her tippy toes for a little boost.  I’ve cleared off lower shelves and she’s working to clear off lamp tables.  She “talks” to me all day and loves turning pages in whatever book we’re reading.  And- she is officially the hairpuller within her peer group.  (I’d rather her do that than bite.)  Joel and I marvel at how much life has changed from a year ago…..but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Oh, and Rosey is doing good too.  Just staying out of the path of the baby.  The dining room table is her hideout.  Gotta run- Ella is rearranging kitchen furniture as we speak!!!

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