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A Day at the Farm

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The kids and I went to Old MacDonald’s Farm today with Nana and had a blast!  We stayed out
there for 3 and a half hours and the time flew because we were
constantly busy!  Summary of activities:
-As soon as we arrived, Ella saw “pie-corn” (popcorn) and had to have a snack.  We sat down at the picnic tables and had juice and pie-corn.
-Ella grabbed the feed sack and went tearing off to the pond to feed ducks/peacocks/emu.  Got almost too close to the Emu and that dude was scary, but she didn’t bat an eye.
-Buses (and then more) of kids arrived from HISD.
-Fed sheep and goats; said hi to the llama from a distance.
-Ella ran after the deer to feed them and a big deer snatched the feed sack
out of her hands, knocked her over and went to town on it- we tried to
tear it away while Ella’s eyes were as big as saucers……I got all of
it on video.
-Trip to the hand washing station.
-Ella skipped over the horses first time around.
-She petted the cow, pigs, more sheep and got in the pen with rabbits to
chase them around.  Then picked up a small pellet- “Mommy, what
is dis?”  Put it down Ella- that’s poo poo.
-School kids came around Ella and the rabbits- “These are MY rabbits!!!!” and turned over their food bowl.
-Another trip to the hand washing station. (see comment about pellets)
-Back down the line of animals again and Ella petted the horses this time, but would not ride them.
-Waved to kids on the train- Ella do you want to ride the train?  “Mmmm- maybe next time!”
-Hand washing.
-Picnic lunch where BEES circled our food; wind picked up the table cloth and
blew it around.  Ella exclaimed, “Our picnic is ruined!”
-Running and sliding and swinging and playing in the sand pile.
-Shook sand out of every piece of clothing on Ella.
-Ella, Nana and 2 little kids played tether ball.  Yes, it was fun to watch.
-Swarms of kids lined up to ride the horses and train, of which Ella will ride neither.
-Another round of animal browsing and we played in the big pile of hay in the barn.
-Hand washing.
-Mom promises candy to Ella if she pets the horse who is wearing “a necklace
and a seat.”  Ella is hesitant.  Pappy is a cowboy and he rides
horses…..Mom sneakily places Ella on top of “Cocoa” the horse and she
instantly smiles.  “I’m a big girl because I’m riding the horse!”
-Ella won’t get off the horse.
-Let’s go get Nana to take a picture of Ella on the horse!  “I don’t want to!”
-Ella runs away from mom…..consequences are threatened.
-Everyone is back at the horse corral and Nana is taking pics of Ella on the horse- this time it’s Snickers.
-Ella rides through the corral over and over.  “Mommy I need to T-T!”
-Trip to the bathroom.
-Hand washing.
-More playground equipment, chasing a ferret around the picnic tables, hand washing and another round of pie-corn and
cold coke.
-Promises of treats and candy if she rode the train.  Little kids swarm around us
as we get on the train and as we ride around we are all talking about
the things we did at the farm.  I point out the sand pile and the kid
in front said, “I played on that and the kids wouldn’t share the
trucks.”  Ella retorted, “Sometimes kids don’t want to share….then
they get consequences.”
-Look kids- say bye-bye to the horses
and Ella turns around to tell the kids behind us, “I’m a big girl
because I ride the horse-nees!”
-Load them up and go home as Ella polishes off her second bag of pie-corn on the ride home.
-Head-to-toe washing.

FUN FUN FUN!  Lots of pics and video……just wished our Pappy and Daddy could have come too!

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  1. Cobb November 4, 2008 at 11:24 pm #

    Haha! …”a necklace and a seat.” That’s it!

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