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A tea party

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Well it is been a while since I posted last. It turns out you get pretty busy with four children 10 and under. I thought I would share a time lapse here of a tea party we had with our good friends Chase and Brittany.

Why not dance after the tea party?

You will note that Seth has to get up towards the end and start dancing. What’s a party without a good dance?  
By the way, if you want see an inspiring story of God working in an amazing way to sustain a family going through an incredibly difficult circumstance, check out Chase and Brittany’s story here

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One Response to “A tea party”

  1. Bill Skaggs April 18, 2016 at 8:40 am #

    Hope no one got indigestion. 😀 That’s some fast eating!!! And great dancing too. Great party and sweet people.

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