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We are glad you’ve found the Fun House Blog.  We promise, you the reader, that this blog will provide our family’s unique insight on having a child with Down Syndrome in a large family who loves to laugh and strives to bring glory to God in everything we do.


We are a happy family, living in the burbs, with four wonderful children – Ella, Seth, Kyle and Jackson.  Joel, the daddy, works at a software company in finance, and Emily, the mommy, is a former public relations professional who is now a very busy, full-time mom.  Our second child, Seth, was born with Down Syndrome in May of 2011.  We want to communicate to those who read this blog the love we have for all of our children, but we have a particular passion to show the reader a family who confronts the challenges and embraces all of the joys that come with having a child with special needs.


When you come to this site, you’ll find the following:

  1. Updates about our family with particular focus on our son with Down Syndrome.  We pay special attention to Seth in our posts because we know our readers will typically have a special interest in him.  Seeing Seth’s interaction with his siblings will quickly display how blessed he is to have little brothers like Kyle and Jackson and a big sister like Ella.
  2. We have a lot of fun, hence the Fun House moniker.  So, a good percentage of our posts will include stories or video that we hope will make you laugh.  Emily is particular effective in making the reader laugh through her gift of storytelling, while Joel does his best to capture video that shows how much fun we have.  Joel is more “in the room” funny, which doesn’t really translate on a blog.
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Picture from Nov 2016

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