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Makin’ Momma Proud

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A potty training we must go!  Started things last Wednesday and the girl is doing pretty well.  We’ve moved from mom and dad making her go every hour to her telling us when she needs to go the majority of the time.  Yahoo!  Note the tools for success:
1.  Plastic pants- a MUST!
2.  Juice boxes…..lots of them.
3.  Book to encourage "camping out."
4.  Sunny day OUTSIDE….
5.  MY potty!
What I did not mention is a basket of Easter eggs filled with delicious treats to lure the toddler to get the job done. My friend Mariana laughed her head off to find out that our Easter eggs sometimes contain fortune cookies….in my defense, the kid likes them, they are cheap and low in sugar! Hec, I’ll fill up Easter eggs all day long if it means not buying diapers for two.  Yeah, feeling the crunch as we are just 8 weeks away from "Baby Seff" joining the family, and changing two sets of diapers is more than I want to think about.  Let’s hope this sticks….I’m officially committed to the patience and perseverance this thing is going to take.  And yes, I’ve done extensive reading.  Whoever wrote, "Potty Training in Less Than a Day" was an intellectual and not a parent, merely "training" kids and sending them home with their parents left to clean up accidents galore.  Who in the hec is going to master this in a day or less that isn’t reading the book themselves???  If your child has done it, I don’t want to know about it.  All I can think of is one day at a time…..and by George, I think she’s getting the hang of it!  Good job, Ella girl- we are proud of you! 

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Healthy Boy!

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Joel and I were so blessed to hear the good news today
that we have got a healthy baby boy on the way!  (And yes, they did
confirm that he is still, indeed, a boy.) The ultrasound looked
completely normal- and the team looked long and hard at EVERYTHING for
more than an hour, spending about 10-15 minutes looking at his heart
alone.  I just can’t tell you what a relief
it is for Joel and I to
have that past us.  While there is still a small possibility Seth may
have Down Syndrome due to past testing, we just praise God that he is
healthy, Amen!?

We got to see his sweet face, but he wouldn’t
cooperate enough to get some good snapshots for the Web site, so we’ll
all just have to wait to see what he looks like when he arrives (I’m
hoping for a Joel clone)……we do know that he weighs about 3 lbs now
and already has a head full of hair- can’t believe they could tell that
at 31 weeks already, but technology doesn’t cease to amaze me.  He had
his little hands up by his face most of the time and also enjoyed
having them tucked under his chin as he rested his head on mommy’s
tummy.  We got to see him opening and closing his eyes and mouth, as
well as swallowing and yawning.  Can’t tell you how that thrilled us!

you, thank you, thank you for standing with us in prayer throughout
this journey- and thank you for all of your sweet words of
encouragement and blessing over our lives and our baby boy.  We ask
that you continue to pray for Seth in the coming weeks leading up to May 10
(give or take). 

I told Joel that my prayer is that Seth is perfect and complete, lacking
in nothing, not so that our lives will be easier, but so that his life will bring honor and glory to the name of the
Lord.  Let today be a testament to all of us of God’s
power, His faithfulness and His grace in our lives.  We praise God for this trial of waiting that we have been enduring over the past few months.  We have learned so much of His character and unfailing love for us- and continue to learn that every day, we have to lay down our burdens before Him, for we can’t carry the weight of the world on our own.

Let everything
that has breath praise the Lord!

Much love,  Em

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To spank or not to spank? We spank and though that isn’t socially accepted in today’s world, it is Biblical. However, we don’t spank in public…..which leads me to consequences. I noticed that when disciplining Ella at home, the threat of a spanking is often just as good as the real thing. However, we needed a “code” word for spanking when out in public, so I introduced her to the word consequences. For instance, “Ella come here, or I am going to spank you and that means consequences.” So now when out in public, all I have to do is say, “Ella, come here, or there will be consequences.” And she knows what that means.

Today at home, Ella proceeded to place one of her toddler-sized chairs on the couch beside me, so that she could sit on the chair- and on the couch- all at the same time. I told her to put the chair down, it doesn’t go on the couch, it goes on the floor. She quickly went into melt-down mode and started pulling the chair off the couch WITHOUT mommy’s help in a tirade and, wouldn’t you know it, the chair somewhat fell on her and she began to cry (please don’t worry- she wasn’t really hurt- more mad than anything). I ignored the fit, as I usually do, and she looked at me and said,

“Mommy, I have consequences.”

“What??????!???!??!!!!?” I gasped.

“I have consequences.”

“That’s right, Ella. You got hurt and that was your consequences for putting the chair on the couch.”

And she knew exactly what that meant. (!!!!)

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Why Hire A Roofer?

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We’re getting estimates this week to put a new roof on the house.  We had one come this morning and after we spoke at the door, Ella asked, "Who that man?"  I told her he was here to check our roof.  So we settled in and started reading books while he and his partner tromped on our roof for a few minutes.  Ella then climbed out of my lap and said, "Ella checkin the roof. Get the hammer and screwdriver."  She found a wooden toy, then proceeded to bang on the TV armoir.  I was laughing and she said again as seriously as she could, "Ella checkin the roof."  We called daddy and she told him the whole story…..so, can’t we just get her up there with daddy and save $5000?

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Ella Gets Ready for Baby Seth

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Today, as I was walking Ella down the hall at church to take her to Mother’s Day Out, she saw a mother pushing a stroller. She got excited and point and exclaimed, “Baby Seff!!!” (Seff=Seth in Ella talk) I laughed and told her that wasn’t baby Seth, that he was still in mommy’s tummy. That mommy would have to go to the hospital to get him first. Then she shouted and jumped and said, “Wet’s go get him!!!!!”

Talk about making momma’s heart leap for joy! Let’s hope her tune doesn’t change once he’s actually here…..

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Ella’s First Mother’s Day Out

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Just wanted to give you a report on Ella’s first day at Mother’s Day Out. She did great! She held tightly on to puppy and entered the room with a very brave face (picture the same look when she first saw Santa)…..I took her over to the “art table” where a little boy patted the seat next to him for her to sit down. They immediately started painting snowflakes on blue paper with Q-tips and Elmer’s glue. She was all in and too distracted to kiss me goodbye.

So, when I picked her up, the room was dark and quiet with about 7 toddlers sprawled out on their nap mats, snoozing away……but the eighth one was wide awake, propped up on her elbows and staring at everybody….not under the covers, yet still clinging tightly to puppy. “She’s really talkative,” said her teacher. “We had to keep telling her to be quiet and not talk so she wouldn’t wake the other kids.” I explained it was her first time and surely she’d catch on the more she came. They just laughed and agreed. Joel and I both figured if anyone didn’t nap, it would be our girl. She was so glad to see me- the feeling was mutual. She burst into conversation, and we left the room quickly so she wouldn’t stir up the others…..all still asleep. She was ravenous when we got in the car- I can only imagine the excitement and interest of other little kids was enough to distract her from eating the lunch I packed for her!

Anyway, I told her how proud I was that she was a big girl and we talked about what she did with her new friends and teachers on the way home- and no, she didn’t fall asleep in the car and even fought me for a nap when we got home. But she is SOUND asleep now…….

Mommy got about 10 errands crossed off her list and still had time for a wonderful lunch with dad. The day was a success!

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My Hope is in the Name of the Lord

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Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

Joel and I are praising God for His faithfulness to us in 2007 and we look forward to 2008 with great joy and excitement. I can’t help but think ahead to the birth of our little Seth in May- what a blessing our son will be in our life! I believe that the Lord has given me such peace with regard to Seth- it truly passes all understanding. I have such a settled feeling that he’s going to be okay. I’ve changed my prayer to, “Lord, if this peace is from you, I rejoice in it and am thankful. If it is something of my own flesh, father God, please reset my expectations.” I am thankful the Lord has given us this trial so that we will know him more intimately.

My brother-in-law, Jamy, told us at Christmas that his prayer for Seth is, “Lord, your kingdom come and your will be done.” He shared with us that the Kingdom of heaven is a perfect place- it is God’s point of completion. To pray, asking that His kingdom come, is asking the Lord to show us His perfection and completion in the miraculous birth of a healthy baby boy. Yet, our hearts should be so humbled to continue to pray in submission, “Lord, your will be done.” Joel and I know the best place to be is in the will of God.

I am amazed at the goodness of the Lord in how He can allow us to endure this time of uncertainty, yet when we cry, He cries with us. When we laugh, He rejoices with us. He wants us to know His character and model that love toward others. I have found that through this, my worship is more intentional, my quiet times are more productive, my prayer life is increased and my motives toward others are more compassionate and patient. I pray that I never lose this passion for loving Him. Little things that I might usually make a big deal over have really faded to the background. Some things I find myself overlooking completely, because I feel the Lord has given me such a greater perspective.

I am thankful for our blessings. I am thankful for our Ella girl and our Seth to come. I am forever grateful for my husband who continues to point me to the Lord through his words and actions. I am thankful for my relationship with the God of all creation and I resolve to know him even more in 2008- I can think of no better way to spend my time than glorifying Him!

Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement- I treasure all of these things in my heart.


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