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Baby Seth Update

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We had an ultrasound today that said Seth weighs about 5 lb 14 oz and is looking really good!  We’re right on track according to my doctor  for 37.5 weeks and he predicts a 7 lb baby.  I predict a long one!  He  seems to be all over my stomach with no room to spare.  We’re thankful  for another good report and looking forward to his arrival in the next  few weeks.  Here’s to hoping he stays in a little bit longer, though  I’ve been dilated to 3 cm for 2 weeks now.  Joel and I continue to  remind ourselves- God is not surprised by anything and He is in  control- we just have to go say, "Here I am, Lord, with no  agenda…..just ready to follow your plan." Thanks for all the  prayers and interest in our progress!

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