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Joel’s been on my case about not updating the site.  What can I say?  I’m a busy momma with an even busier toddler.  Not to mention being a nurse to BOTH my loved ones last week, but praise the Lord that we are through our first round of the stomach flu!  You can only imagine how bad it was and to make matters worse, Joel caught it toward the end of the week.  I seemed to escape the germs (probably because I was practically bathing in Purell and Lysol).  But enough about trials, I assume you clicked on the site to find out about Ella…… 

SHE IS SO MUCH FUN!  We had a blast in Midland last weekend with Mimi and Poppa.  Ella picked up where we left off at Christmas, but this time she could call them by name and blow kisses.  Mimi cooked anything we wanted and had a big chocolate cake waiting for us when we arrived.  Does she know her girls or what?!  Ella "shared" whatever her Poppa was eating and he was glad to indulge.  Although it was quite cold, the sun was out and Ella enjoyed playing on the patio and reading books in Poppa’s chair at night.  She did great on the flight, jumping in an empty seat next to me and playing peek-a-boo with the man sitting in front of us.  New toys from the dollar store and a package of M&M’s held her over until landing.

Ella still loves to curl up in our laps with her favorite book of the week.  Joel and I sat outside with her the other night and decided to see how many books we could quote from memory.  We surprised ourselves when Ella chimed in by saying, "No no!" to finish a line in the classic "Moo, Baa, La La La."  And yes, she still shakes her finger when she says it.  Sesame Street’s Elmo has won her heart as well, and he was a big help in cheering her up when she was so sick last week.  Her favorite thing to do is play outside…..we’ve had beautiful weather in Houston, so we stay out for a few hours every day.  Yes, Nana, I put sunscreen on the baby.  She gobbles down macaroni and cheese and is starting to learn to use her spoon and fork, although it can get pretty messy.  One thing that’s never changed is she still hates to get her face and hands cleaned.  Most times, Ella will turn around in her high chair and start talking to the giraffe on the fabric pattern in hopes that she might avoid meeting the dishrag.

She’s picking up new words every day.  The newest is "cracker" and I think she’ll settle on "milk" this week.  Joel and I counted about 40 words now.  Ella loves looking at photos of our family and immediately thinks ANY picture is of herself before really studying it.  Her best friend is "Auddy" (Audrey) and she says hi to her picture on our fridge several times throughout the day.  She had a good check up at the doc’s office a few weeks ago and is still in the "super model" category….tall and skinny.  Joel and I are noticing that she’s as tall as most of her two-year-old peers.  Is there any truth to the idea of doubling a child’s height at age two to predict how tall they’ll be?  Well, at this point, Ella will be 5’6", and she still has 9 months left until her second birthday.  If she grows 3 more inches and the theory is true, our baby girl will be a 6 foot amazon woman one day….I don’t want to think about it.

Check for new pics in her folder.  Still fighting to keep a bow in her hair!  Pray for us when you think of it and we’ll check back in soon.    -The Momma

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