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Big Girl

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Our baby is now a toddler and she’s growing all too fast.  Her vocabulary consists of serveral words now on a consistent basis:  uppy (puppy), momma, dada, zeus (shoes), juice, tada (ella), baby, hi, ha (hot), lie (light), biss (fish), eyes, bye-bye, nana and appy (pappy).  We’ve also taught her to hold her finger to her mouth and say “Shhhh.”  She might be a singer after all because she loves to carry around a little horse and says “E-I-E-I” so we’ll chime in on another round of “Old MacDonald.”  I’ve even caught her singing “E-I-E-I” in the back seat when I’m singing along with the radio in the car.  She’ll also come up to us and do the hand motions for “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Where is Thumbkin” so we’ll sing those too.

She loves to clap for herself and if you show her a mirror, she’s found her best friend.  Grooming is important to Ella.  When momma is brushing her teeth, she’ll come up to me and point to her mouth and go “ch ch ch” until I hand her toothbrush over so she can brush too.  She also loves to dig through my drawers of hairbrushes, combs and headbands, then runs to the mirror and uses them accordingly.  Ella is starting to show interest in playing dress up by slinging on as many of momma’s necklaces as she can and topping it off with her hat.  She also likes to wear shoes and clings to anyone who is putting on shoes, thinking she has a chance to go outside with them.

Daddy is teaching her to jump.  She’s not gotten her feet off the ground yet, but is very good at bending down, then popping up and bowing her back with a little grunt.  (Video soon to follow).  She also likes to dance, particularly if someone is holding her and bopping up and down.  Mimi and Poppa gave her wheels for Christmas and she loves climbing on and off it, as well as pushing it around the house.  She’s mastered going backwards, but hasn’t yet figured out first gear on her own.  However, she’s quick to prop up her feet and make the “Brrrrooom brrrrrooom” noise so we’ll come over and push her around the house.  If the bike isn’t available, she promptly climbs into the laundry basket for a quick ride.

I was sick this week and Ella got a kick out of watching me blow my nose.  She quickly found interest in the Kleenex box and began to mimic me blowing my nose.  Then, she tore her tissue into several little pieces, offering each piece to me and making a sniffing sound.  SOO cute- who can feel bad with all of that going on?  My new favorite thing she does is she’ll back into my lap when I’m sitting on the floor.  With or without a book in hand…..I love that she just wants to be with momma right at that moment.  She does love us to read to her and spends some time going through the books on her own.  The other day, we sat in the rocking chair and read 12 books in row for about 30 minutes.  I couldn’t believe it!  After we’d finish one, she’d jump down, pick out a new book, then climb back up in my lap.  I loved it and she did too.

Guess that’s most of her “isms” that we can think of at the time.  Sorry it’s been a while since an update.  We’ve been busy!!!

She likes to wear daddy's shoes

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  1. Joel January 15, 2007 at 8:55 pm #

    Emily forgot to mention that Ella has started to indicate her affection for certain things by crossing her arms over her chest and making a rocking motion. Real cute!

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