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Bye Bye, Binks!

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"Binky all gone?"  Ella was stumped when she didn’t get a binky for nap or bedtime today, but momma decided it was finally time to get rid of it.  She fell asleep after some fuss, but per the advice of our pediatrician, we’re throwing it out before she turns 18 months (that’s in the next two weeks)!  So….the baby is growing up.  She also traded in her high chair for a booster seat at the table, which she thinks is really cool.  Additionally, she "went" on the potty tonight before bath time (all the while, her eyebrows were down as if she was really concentrating on doing the right thing).  We had a PARTY!!!!  The three of us were jumping up and down in the bathroom and singing her praise- I think she was pretty impressed with herself…..mommy and daddy were equally excited. 

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One Response to “Bye Bye, Binks!”

  1. Joel Skaggs May 19, 2007 at 6:17 pm #

    Binky is back. Em read that a binky just for bedtime could stay for a while longer. The big issues come when a pacifier is being used throughout the day. Pacifier free by two in the new mantra.

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