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My Little Cowpokes…..

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It’s rodeo season here in Texas, and all the FunHouse little ones have ALL had fun recently dressing up in their best western (not the hotel) gear.

While I realize that Sully’s costume doesn’t exactly fit with our western theme here at the ranch, I couldn’t help but capture our precious Jack-Jack who is growing by leaps and bounds now that he’s a 6-month-old!

Sullivan isn’t scary at all and Woody wears his hat well.

Our cowgirl is sweeter than ever.  What on earth would I do in this house full of boys without this sweet girl to help me through it?  Ella is as beautiful on this inside as she is on the outside.  I had fun today with her at school, learning about Texas history, planting bluebonnets and eating a picnic lunch.

Ella makes for a cute cowgirl.


I’m so thankful for this girl.

She and Seth had a fun day at school for this BIG TEXAN day.  As she was learning about our great state, he was polishing up his boots for the best Kindergarten square dance this side of the Mississippi!  To tell you how proud my heart was to see my little guy dancing and grooving with all his Kinder buddies would take too long.  Just know that I pretty much wiped away tears of joy the entire time he boot-scooted across that floor.  I cannot say enough about how much I love our teachers and our school!


I was really proud of his dancing today!

And not to be left out, here’s my tender-hearted toddler Kyle who so desperately wants to get on the buses every morning to go to school with his big sister and big brother.  Every day he asks me when Ella and Seth are going to get home to play with him.  Watch out preschool!  You’ve got an eager one on his way next year…..


Little Kyle wasn’t going to be left out.


These two were ready for a Texan day.

What a fun day to be a Texan!

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