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One Week Old

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Dscn1713_2Ella is one week old today!  I can’t believe how fast she’s growing and changing.  Looks like she’s got daddy’s eyes and nose and my mouth.  It’s hard to explain how much I love her.  Now I know what my mom was talking about……  The Lord has really blessed us with a good baby.  She basically sleeps and eats without a lot of fuss and seems to have adjusted quickly to a 3-hour feeding schedule.  So far, Ella only really cries when we change her clothes.  She tells us she’s hungry with a lot of squirming and grunting.  Ella’s had a couple of baths and slept through both of them.  She also slept through getting her blood drawn out of her feet two different times with the routine dr appts.  Joel and I are adjusting quite well to parenthood (re: sleep).  I’ve gotten the hang of waking up to feed her while Joel gets in a good night’s rest before work.  I like to sneak her into bed with us when his alarm goes off in the morning—makes it easier for Joel to get up.  I’m feeling stronger every day and excited to think about pulling on my old jeans again.  We’ve had a lot of help from Joel’s mom this past week (thanks, Mimi) and will get some additional help from my parents (Nanna and Pappy) the remainder of the week.  After that, we’re on our own and excited about it!!!!! 


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One Response to “One Week Old”

  1. leslie peck December 12, 2005 at 3:11 pm #

    Em! You look like a radiant mom and ella is beautiful! Hopefully someday soon, ellie and ella will meet… Enjoy every second because before you know it, they are almost 8 months and into EVERYTHING! 🙂 Malita and I are trying to find a time to make a quick trip to houston to come and love on that baby girl! much love to you… leslie
    *oh, and hey joel… you look like an old pro already!

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