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Video: Ella goes to kindergarten

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Our little girl is growing up.  In the midst, of all of Seth’s sickness, we didn’t want Ella’s big week to get lost in the mix. Ella had a great first week at kindergarten while making new friends and staying in the good graces with her teacher. It was funny to hear her report each day she came home from school. She would give an account of all of the other classmates who had to visit the stop bucket, which apparently is the tool the teacher uses to keep order. The kids get a yellow or red card of some sort when they run afoul of the rules. This has Ella’s attention. She wants to be the one going to the “treasure chest” to get a little prize for extra good behavior. Based on some of the stories she tells, I feel sorry for the teacher.

Ella’s favorite activity so far has been art, followed closely by music. Her eyes really do light up when she talks about the art room. She told us, “The art room is magical!” Emily told me they walked by a man in the grocery store who was displaying all of his art, and Ella was completely captivated. So, we will encourage this and see where it goes. You never know what she might do in the arts. We think she gets this from her Mimi (my mom) and Pappy (Emily’s dad). They are the artists.

Sweet Ella and her mom.

We had a first week of school party with the family tonight. Ella desired that we go out to eat to celebrate. So, we went to the local pizza place. Thankfully, Seth was having a good day of health. Today was the first day the whole Fun House had been out of the house together as a family in a month. We appreciate all the prayers for Seth and our family over the last few days. Seth seems to be on the mend, but we’ve thought that before. Hopefully, we can keep him healthy and send him to his half-day school program soon.

She had a great week at school.

Anyone else have a kindergartner starting school?

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2 Responses to “Video: Ella goes to kindergarten”

  1. Poppa August 29, 2011 at 7:16 am #

    What a sweetheart! I’m praying for her to grow in wisdom and character as she becomes all that our Lord has planned for her. Such joy to see our little girl growing up. She got such a great start from very good parent-guides. Hope you have another fun week.
    Love you, Ella – “Poppy” 😉

  2. LaRue Skaggs August 29, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    What a sweetheart! My heart is filled with joy just seeing who she is becoming….thank you Lord!
    I love you my sweet Ella!!!

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