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Ella’s First Mother’s Day Out

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Just wanted to give you a report on Ella’s first day at Mother’s Day Out. She did great! She held tightly on to puppy and entered the room with a very brave face (picture the same look when she first saw Santa)…..I took her over to the “art table” where a little boy patted the seat next to him for her to sit down. They immediately started painting snowflakes on blue paper with Q-tips and Elmer’s glue. She was all in and too distracted to kiss me goodbye.

So, when I picked her up, the room was dark and quiet with about 7 toddlers sprawled out on their nap mats, snoozing away……but the eighth one was wide awake, propped up on her elbows and staring at everybody….not under the covers, yet still clinging tightly to puppy. “She’s really talkative,” said her teacher. “We had to keep telling her to be quiet and not talk so she wouldn’t wake the other kids.” I explained it was her first time and surely she’d catch on the more she came. They just laughed and agreed. Joel and I both figured if anyone didn’t nap, it would be our girl. She was so glad to see me- the feeling was mutual. She burst into conversation, and we left the room quickly so she wouldn’t stir up the others…..all still asleep. She was ravenous when we got in the car- I can only imagine the excitement and interest of other little kids was enough to distract her from eating the lunch I packed for her!

Anyway, I told her how proud I was that she was a big girl and we talked about what she did with her new friends and teachers on the way home- and no, she didn’t fall asleep in the car and even fought me for a nap when we got home. But she is SOUND asleep now…….

Mommy got about 10 errands crossed off her list and still had time for a wonderful lunch with dad. The day was a success!

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