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First Day Home Update

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The family of four is home and we have had a great first day! I’m amazed at how exhausted I am, yet still finding energy to do things. How do women with 16 kids handle this sort of fatigue? Guess that’s where the “older siblings help the younger ones” rule comes into effect. Can’t say that we’re ready to turn Seth loose under Ella’s supervision, but she is handling the role of big sister with grace and confidence. What a blessing! It is truly as though he’s always been a part of our family. She runs around him playing, then will stop to pat him on the tummy or kiss him on the head and say, “I love you baby Seff!” Precious- what more could I ask? I’ve already sent her on diaper errands and she is ON TOP OF US when I’m feeding him- just not wanting to miss a bit of the action. I’m okay with it though- I prefer this over the alternative.

Seth is a dream baby so far. Granted, I know he’s only four days old and my little angel could grow out of the lulled infant state, but he seems quite content. He’ll only nurse if I’m singing to him- which is
such a special time for us, considering he spent all 9 months hearing me do just that. So far, his favorite song is “None But Jesus” by Hillsong. Truly, he seems to respond best when I’m singing that to him and his eyes lock in on me as if he’s singing it along with me in his head. Definitely a Hillsong baby, which is no surprise since Joel and I listen to it/sing it constantly. We’re on a 3-hour schedule and he is letting me sleep between feedings at night so far…. First pediatrician check up tomorrow morning at 9:30- we’re keeping with the same doc that saw him at the hospital and took care of him in the NICU- it just seemed the right thing to do and we like the guy and his team. Seth has Ella’s mouth without a doubt and one dimple in the same spot on the lower left side of his chin when he makes certain faces. Looks like he’ll be a blondie! Eyelashes and brows are so light and his hair seems to be quite blonde underneath some dark blonde. I’m anxious to see if he’s gained weight- we left the hospital at 6.5 lbs, and he is such a good piglet eater! Snorts and all…..

The Lord gave me such an easy labor and delivery with Seth- what a sweet gift! I woke up Thursday morning with the thought- I bet I’ll have this baby today. I slept a full 8-9 hours the night before and
had a good breakfast. Ella and I went to the grocery store and stocked the pantry then picked up McDonald’s and had lunch with daddy. Early in the afternoon, I started feeling “pressure” and I
won’t even say pain. Considering I was dilated to a 4 a couple of days before, I decided maybe I should monitor the pressure. So, I had about 10-12 “pressured” contractions over the course on an hour, so I called Joel and after a lot of going back and forth, we just decided to throw in the towel and call the doctor. He said I should come in for a progress report and after making Ella arrangements, we were in his office by 5. I was nervous in the waiting room because I told Joel, “These things aren’t even hurting……I bet he sends us home for another week! I’m going to be the girl who couldn’t figure out labor.” Sure enough, I was dilated to a 5-6 with fairly consistent contractions every 6-9 minutes. His words were, “You’re in labor. Let’s get you admitted to labor & delivery, get you an epidural, break your water and have the baby in an hour or two.” So, bags in hand, Joel and I walked across the street to the hospital- yes, I walked over with no problems….just a little out of breath….and got checked in by 6pm. He came in to break my water around 6:15, anesthesia came in around 6:30 for an epidural and I was on easy street! We turned on the TV to watch “The Office” at 8 and I was getting ready to start pushing by 8:45. 4 big pushes later, Seth arrived at 8:55 and we were overjoyed! Recovery has been super fast as well- and energy seems to be coming at the right times supernaturally. Thank you so much, Lord.

So many have asked how WE are doing- how MOMMA is doing. I can say with complete peace that I am doing great! We weren’t “shocked” by the fact that Seth has Downs, considering we knew it was a possibility all along. Our heads were spinning initially, but never once did we feel like the Lord failed to answer our prayers or let us down in some way. No, in fact, we see through a series of events in the past 5 months how the Lord was preparing us for this moment all along. We prayed that the Lord would give us a boy that was of sound mind and body and at the same time we were praying that His will would be done. God answered our prayer, but His plan was much different than what we thought we wanted. Praise God for His plan. We prayed the Lord would bring us peace and that He’d set our expectations for Seth’s arrival- the Lord was faithful to guard our hearts and minds with peace and give ua a sense that everything would be okay once he came. Truly, everything has been great! We are blessed in that despite a couple of little bumps in the road and an extra couple of days in the NICU, Seth has no major health problems and has had a SUPER start compared to many other little ones that face major complications. We prayed the Lord would be glorified in his life and we know that He has plans for Seth and for our family. We pray that He is glorified in the way we parent and love our little boy and that lives are changed for His glory.

Can’t wait for you to meet our baby boy. He will steal your hearts as he has ours! We’re blessed to have Joel’s parents with us this week and we’re trying to adjust to the new addition this week without
visitors. We will let you know when we’re ready for some company and will welcome your visit, your food, everything you’ve mentioned to us in emails and calls. Hec, I’ll even give you a load of laundry to
fold if you have 5 minutes. Love you all- let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!


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5 Responses to “First Day Home Update”

  1. Becky Kiser May 6, 2008 at 6:45 am #

    Em, you and Joel are a constant source of encouragement to so many. Chris and I are beyond thankful to have y’all in our lives. We are praying for all of you.
    Go Ella for being a fabulous big sister!!! We will have to make the next babysitting night SUPER fun and special to celebrate.
    Love y’all!

  2. Amanda May 6, 2008 at 11:50 am #

    That is so sweet that he loves “None but Jesus”. Love that song. I am sure he loves listening to his mommy’s beautiful voice sing it. I’m so glad to hear that Ella is loving and enjoying her baby brother. Rejoicing in God’s plan with ya’ll! Seth is a blessed little boy! Love you much!!

  3. Chris Kiser May 6, 2008 at 10:05 pm #

    We love you guys so much and cannot wait to meet Seth and teach him all the secrets that we’ve learned while babysitting his little sister. How is he going to be a good brother if we don’t introduce him to Ella’s OBSESSION with Ron Paul?? I’m just kidding… we would never do that. 😉 We pray for y’all every night… and make it official that Seth’s heart valve is the FIRST that I have ever prayed for in my life 🙂

  4. Aunt Em May 7, 2008 at 2:56 pm #

    Wow Em! What a great birth story- You are my idol- I’ll pray my next delivery is like that!Glad to hear things are going smoothly.
    Love to all- Em

  5. Lindsay Wagner May 7, 2008 at 9:56 pm #

    SO excited all is well! We can’t wait to meet him, and I honestly can’t wait to bring you a meal! However, I don’t know if my cooking will be as great as your yummy tater tot casserole! 🙂

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