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First Vacation and First Food

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Dscn2227 This has been another month of firsts….first vacation to see Mimi and Poppa, first vegetables, first sippy cup and first Mother’s Day!  We had a great time visiting Midland and Ella did quite well in the car.  I’ve learned how to change a diaper while she’s strapped in the car seat and Ella has heard Joel and I sing round after round of "Old MacDonald."  Did you know that Old MacDonald had a hyena and an iguana on the farm?  We got creative……  Ella’s first veggie was sweet potatoes, which she inhaled.  Squash came next and she seemed to like that too.  Carrots, green beans and peas soon to follow.  She’s trying to grab cups out of our mouth, particularly water bottles, so we decided to get her a sippy cup.  She’s not quite figured it out yet, but she likes putting it up to her mouth and gnawing on the lid.  She does drink from the water bottle with daddy’s help….only to smile and give us a "Mmmmmmm" between sips.  Of course, she’s growing like a weed and way too fast, in my opinion.  We can’t believe she’s already 5 1/2 months.  Ella is close to sitting up on her own and is loving to roll from tummy to back.  Joel is doing GREAT with the rehabilitation of his knee.  He’s not had to go to physical therapy and the doctor said he’s made great strides in a short amount of time.  Nothing new with me…love being at home with Ella and having lunch with Joel every day that he comes home.  God is so good to us and we’re so thankful for His many blessings in our life!   –Em

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One Response to “First Vacation and First Food”

  1. Becky May 17, 2006 at 5:14 pm #

    She is growing so fast! Y’all should record your version of Old MacDonald, I’m sure many parents would love to pop in in the cd player on long road trips.
    Y’all are such an amazing family! Love y’all!

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