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Funny stuff Ella says

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1. "Daddy, go backa da work.  With the hammer and the screwdriver."

Translation: Basically, I don’t expect you to be here right now.  Mommy and I have things to do.

2. "Come on Daddy, you can dood it."

Translation: Dad has granted a request of some sort and is on the way to provide the good or service in question.  This is Ella’s way of encouraging me along.

3. In an excited whisper she’ll say, "You wanna get some pie-corn (popcorn) and go outside with Rosie and see Mr. Moon!!?"

Translation: Mommy told me we could eat popcorn together in the backyard one night, and now I expect this to happen every night.  This is my way of reminding you of how much joy it brought to my life.  I’m ready for this to happen again, and will say this in as cute a fashion as possible to make it happen.

4.  "Oh yeah!  That be be good!"

Translation:  I just suggested something that I think you should do with me- you look like you need convincing, so I’m telling you, it’s a great idea!

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