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Funny Ella

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Ella said this tonight after our devotion time before bed.

Ella: Can you make mom sleep in my bed with me tonight?

Me: Mom isn’t going to sleep with you, and I don’t MAKE her do things.

Ella: But momma makes YOU do things, Daddy.

Laughter follows, and I proceed to tell Emily and give her a hard time about it.

This girl makes us laugh!

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Video: Kyle sits up

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Kyle reaches a milestone while Seth makes sure he doesn’t get a big head about it all….

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Money down the drain

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Ella clearly gets her sense of humor from dad 🙂

Tonight at the grocery store, Ella and I sampled the gourmet pizza and listened to the guy ramble on and on about why we HAD to buy it, etc. I said “thank you” and as we were walking away, Ella said, “Money down the drain, Mom!”. What?!?!?



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The Flat Tire….(I couldn’t make this up if I tried)

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Wednesday had been a great day at the Fun House.  My parents came over to spend the day with the kids and allow me some rest.  Mom helped with lunch, laundry and even got me started on dinner…and at 9 months pregnant, I will accept any and all help!  Joel called around 6:15 and said he was headed home, which was perfect as I was just finishing up dinner (the first time I’d semi-cooked all week).  I was so excited that he’d be able to eat with us and postponed the kids a few extra minutes with pretzels to allow him the time home for our dinner together.

At 6:30, Joel called and said he’d gotten a flat tire on the way home.  Bummer!  Fortunately, he wasn’t far from home, and he did think he’d be able to change it, but he would be home a little later than expected.  Sad times!  So I sat the kids down and began to feed them a mouth-watering pork chop with mashed potatoes and all the trimmings.

At 6:45, Joel called to say that his car had all the things he needed to change a flat except for a tire iron…could I help him out?  I explained that I’d just sat the kids down to feed them and would need a few minutes to finish them off before loading them up.  He was content to wait and seemed certain that my car would have the tools that he needed in the back to finish the job.  After bribing them to eat quickly, I grabbed all the supplies that I thought were necessary…drinks for everyone, snacks for the kids and a flashlight….after all, it would be dark in an hour.  After I changed Seth’s diaper and Ella and I made it through the bathroom, we were on our way to rescue Daddy around 7. Continue Reading…

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Ella is funny

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“Nana, just calm down!  You’ve already shown me that before.”

“Seth, just hold my hand, baby.  In my hand….it’s nothing but LOVE!”

“I’m going to wear THIS dress for my birthday and I’m going to wear THIS dress when I marry daddy.”

“Can I have another peanut butter stomp?”  (Reese’s peanut butter cup)

“That’s kind of a widda bit skeedy!!!!”  (kind of a little bit scary)

Ella, did you know that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?  “Yes, it’s called metamorphosis!”

“Get my daddy out of that bunkin booth!  He doesn’t want to be wet!”  (Joel was in the dunking booth at the church’s fall festival.)

Ella, have you ever heard mommy say the words “down syndrome” and what do you think it means?  “Yes, I know Down Syndrome!  I had a little bit of it when I was a baby too.”

“For my birthday I want a Sleeping Beauty cake.  And she will have on lipstick and lashes on her face.”

“My nose is a little bit snuffy.  But Jesus will take care of me.  He is the Healer.”  (From the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise. Psalm 8:2)

Ella will have an audience for her humor for a long time to come

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We’re a Team!

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Around lunch time today, I said to the kids, “Who’s ready for something good to eat for lunch?” Seth honed in on the word eat and immediately started signing. Ella, on the other hand, commented that she was absolutely NOT hungry and we should play a little while longer. A minute or so passed and I asked again, “Is anyone hungry or what? Let’s go make some lunch!” To which she then replied:
“MOM! I told you that I’m not hungry yet. We’re a TEAM! We either do things together or we don’t do them at all!”
Then I explained to her the function of the Team Captain….

She's all for teams as long as she's in charge



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Video: Ella’s whistle

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This is how our daughter whistles.  We think it’s pretty funny.

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Top 30 Signs You’ve Turned 30!

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1.  Your hair dresser refers to your “natural highlights” more than once at your last hair appointment.

2.  Your mind thinks of only one thing when you hear the words “nip,” “tuck,” “augment” and “lift.”

3.  There really might be something to those anti-cellulite creams….I mean, they wouldn’t sell them if the didn’t work, right?
4.  You’ve found a wiry white chin hair.

I think Seth is looking for one of those stray hairs here

5.  You can’t see well enough to pluck the chin hair on the first attempt without already pricking your chin a few times.
6.  You can eat a large meal one day and truly feel full enough to skip a few meals….or a few days.
7.  And what about those wrinkle creams?  Those have to work- have you seen the magazine ads?  34% improvement in skin elasticity seems to be substantial.
8.  You can’t remember the last time you exfoliated or deep-conditioned your hair because showers (for a stay-home mom) are now fast and furious.
9.  You’ve got more stuff than you’ve ever had in your life, and less time to actually sit down and enjoy it.
10.  Your child now insists you play the role of “the grandmother” when you are playing together in her room.  And you beg to be the dog instead.
11.  “You don’t look a day over 25!”  See there- they’ve upped the ante….it used to be 20!
12.  Kids on American Idol say they grew up listening to certain songs/artists; you can recall a time and place when that album hit Billboard’s #1.
13.  And for that matter- you throw in the towel.  “So You Know You Can’t Dance!”
14.  You found an old t-shirt from college that you can’t bear to throw out and lament that it is more than a decade old.
15.  Sunscreen is cool.
16.  You seriously contemplate not taking the fashion train to the grocery store this time.  Do I really care if I see someone I know?
17.  Without a doubt, you know which ear you hear out of best.
18.  Your body begins to shut down around 10 pm.
19.  Should I save up for some new clothes or a new microwave?  Man, that’s a tough call….
20.  There are certain foods you just shouldn’t eat anymore.
21.  Stress at 21 was a joke….how many hours did I waste worrying about stupid stuff?
22.  Fit flops….now why didn’t I think of that and how fast can I get a pair?
23.  The word “practical” crosses your lips now more than ever.
24.  Your doctor just flat-out says, “Well, you are getting older.  And we need to keep an eye on that blood pressure.”
25.  You desperately try to hang on to teenagers’ music, but you are starting to feel a bit disconnected.  YOUR music is now thrown into the broad category of a certain decade.
26.  What exactly is the meaning of “krunk?”
27.  When reading a text message from people 10 years or more younger, you feel as though you’re trying to translate hieroglyphics.
28.  Shorts hit the knee now.  IF you even own them….
29. Life is a blur until coffee hits the brain.
30. Women in their 20’s hear the verse Proverbs 11:22 a lot; People my age cling to Proverbs 31:30.
Happy Birthday, dear self.  I’ve had a good laugh (and hope you have too)!
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Two Videos: I can stand up! AND Ella is crazy!

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Seth is starting to pull up a little.  He enjoys it.  Don’t worry, we are working on crawling first.  Some who read this blog (you know who you are) would be very worried if I didn’t say that.

Ella has made up a signature saying and hand motion. I blame Emily for all of the crazy nicknames and erratic behavior. It sure is fun to watch though!

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Video: What a difference a year makes!

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Ella and Seth get to see Santa.  Would this be a better experience than last year?


And the awesome picture!

This was from last year’s attempt.
And last year’s picture.

Scared of Santa

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