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We Was Robbed!!!!!

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Well, as the novel continues to write itself, here's another chapter:  our house was broken into last week and we were robbed.  Yeah, I know, I could hardly believe it myself.  Quick synopsis:  I left the house for 15 minutes with the kids to drive through McDonald's and came home to some suspicious activity….saw the guy in our neighborhood as I left and as I drove back into the area….only he was carrying a black briefcase on the was out.  My intuition said, "He just stole something- guess I should get a good look in case I have to give a description."  10 minutes later, I did just that with the police.

It's just stuff.  All he took ("he" being the delinquent teenage boy) was our laptop, my iPhone and our iPod.  Didn't mess anything up in the house- apparently, just after the Apple products.  Well, he DID take more than stuff- including my feelings of "I love this house!" and intangibles like privacy, etc.  Joel and I are now working to get the house on the market ASAP.  It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  We'd been discussing it for a while and planned to live here for only 5 years anyway- it's been 4.5.  The burbs are looking pretty good right about now……Huge garage sale this Saturday morning at our place and a couple of neighbors across the street- come if you want clothes, shoes, rejected baby toys/products, etc!!!!!

Oh, and for the love, get an alarm system in your house.  For peace of mind, if nothing else!

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I’ve Been Tagged!

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My friend Sarah tagged me to blog 6 random things about myself.

Here are the tagging rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you are tagged, DO IT and pass it along

1.  I have a "stay-home-mom" uniform.  Truly, I wear the same basic
thing every day with variation in color only….it is a ribbed tank top
from Old Navy with yoga capri pants and flip-flops.  Ask Joel, hec, ask
anyone who comes to my house in the middle of the week unannounced.  To
complete the look, my hair is in a ponytail and I have on no makeup. 
No, I don't put on makeup to go to the grocery store or Target or to
run errands.  Why bother?  I have two small children under the age of
3….people look at me sympathetically already.  Why pretend that I
have it all together?  By time daddy comes home, mascara will be
smeared down to my nose, my hair will have stiff "spit up" crusts in
it, and my shirt will have who knows what from whatever was consumed by
the children since breakfast.  The uniform just works.

2.  I wore a back brace in high school.  I have scoliosis and
wouldn't you know it?  A back brace was prescribed my first year of
high school…PUBLIC high school….I went from being a uniform-wearing
(maybe that's where it came from?) eigth grader in a small, 18-person
class, to a public high school filled with clothing options, mandatory
gym class, completely new peers and a back brace.  It was terrifying! 
I wore that thing 18 hours a day my freshman and sophomore year.  It
went from my neck all the way down to my hips; I wore a man's
undershirt underneath the thing to prevent chaffing!  My back pack
often got caught on it; it was impossible to slouch; guys would jam
their fingers trying to flirt and "poke" me in my stomach; I creaked
when I walked; slumber parties turned into "let's try on Em's back
brace and lay on the floor to see who can get up the fastest."  Did I
also mention that I wore braces and had an interesting jaw contraption
that looked like shock absorbers in my mouth?  I was the bionic woman
for roughly two years. 

3.  Everyone reminds me of someone I already know.  I inherited this
trait from my mother.  Truly, when we meet a new person the
conversation goes, "I looked at so-and-so today and you know who they
remind me of?  SUCH-AND-SUCH!  Yep, just like them!  Except that their
hair is different and they speak with a Southern accent.  Don't you
think?"  There you have it.  Now, let me share my newest one with you. 
Here goes…..I looked at Sarah Palin today and you know who she
reminds me of?  BONNIE HUNT!  Yep, she looks just like her!  Except
that her hair is brown instead of blonde and she wears glasses.  Don't
you think?

4.  I am addicted to dessert and have gotten pretty creative when
there's slim pickins.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  My
standards are frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream, brownies
or some kind of pie.  So, let's say the cookie dough is polished off
and momma needs to go to the grocery store.  Step into my pantry….got
chocolate chips?  Sugar?  Oatmeal?  Waffles?  Bread?  Cinnamon?  Canned
or fresh fruit?  Peanut Butter?  Ok, good.  There are several options
here.  Why not make a mini-cobbler with the fruit- top it with brown
sugar, cinnamon and butter…sprinkle with instant oatmeal and
microwave.  Melt the chocolate chips with some milk to thin it out and
pour it over a toasted waffle that is spread with peanut butter.  Or,
if you have vanilla ice cream, that would work too.  Why not make a
piece of cinnamon toast or try your hand at home made sugar cookies
instead of the Pillsbury kind?  ….And throw in some chocolate chips. 
If you have those little guys, you're well on your way.

5.  I can't dance.  Really can't.  Wish I could- aspire to be cool
and smooth about the whole thing, but it is lacking.  Joel won't go
with me to take lessons, so I'm afraid I'll always be the girl at the
table eating her second piece of wedding cake instead of droppin' it
like it's hot out on the dance floor….

6.  I am very silly- borderline crazy.  Not surprising my toddler is
as well.  Not crazy in a bad way, but wild-and-crazy in a
people-don't-always-get-it thing.  For instance, I write songs for my
children about everything.  Yet another trait I inherited from my
mother.  It can be about anything: eating, sleeping, driving, bathing,
animals, friends, etc.  Let the titles speak for themselves (thank you,
Nana, for writing some of these and passing them along):
"Have a Little Drink Bear"
"Riding in the Big Car with My Mom"
"A Punkin is a Punkin"
"Witches aren't Real" (from the Halloween repetoire)
"Night Night Song"
"Zebra Song"

Here are the people I'm tagging:

1.  Mariana
2.  Amanda
3.  Gillian
4.  Amy
5.  Becky G.
6.  Becky K.

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Video: Seth’s Belly Laugh

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Mommy can make this guy laugh just like the rest of us.

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Comic relief

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Please, just a little more milk!?

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Gang sign!

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Seth flashes a gang sign!

Seth has some serious street cred

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Funny Things She Says…

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This is for Nana- we wrote it down this time.  Now we’ll always remember how funny Ella girl is:

1.  “Yeah!  That be be fun!”
2.  “Don’t hold my Seffy!”
3.  Ella, it’s time for a nap in 10 minutes, but if you start fussing now, we’ll just go straight to bed:  “Okay- I’m a happy girl.  Whew!  That was a close one!”
4.  The end of a Boz book- ‘What better way to start the day?’:  “Oh, I don’t know….how about another one”
5.  Ella, where’s Poody?:  “He’s at Audrey’s house.”
6.  “Don’t feed Seffy….feed THIS baby!”
7.  At the dinner table:  “Mommy, are you finished?  Come on!  You can dood it!”
8.  “May….I need some chockit milk please….PLEASE!”
9.  “Wanna go swimmin in the big pool?  Come on daddy! Want to?  Come on!”
10. “I just need my small bank-a-wet (blanket) and small puppy!”
11. Ella, do you love Rosie?  “Yeah.  She’s a NICE friend.”
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Funny stuff Ella says

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1. "Daddy, go backa da work.  With the hammer and the screwdriver."

Translation: Basically, I don’t expect you to be here right now.  Mommy and I have things to do.

2. "Come on Daddy, you can dood it."

Translation: Dad has granted a request of some sort and is on the way to provide the good or service in question.  This is Ella’s way of encouraging me along.

3. In an excited whisper she’ll say, "You wanna get some pie-corn (popcorn) and go outside with Rosie and see Mr. Moon!!?"

Translation: Mommy told me we could eat popcorn together in the backyard one night, and now I expect this to happen every night.  This is my way of reminding you of how much joy it brought to my life.  I’m ready for this to happen again, and will say this in as cute a fashion as possible to make it happen.

4.  "Oh yeah!  That be be good!"

Translation:  I just suggested something that I think you should do with me- you look like you need convincing, so I’m telling you, it’s a great idea!

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Video: Baby Moses

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Video: Headbanger’s Ball

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Ella had her friend, Will, over one afternoon this week.  They had a fun time.  Check out this video to see for yourself.

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Video: 2nd Funny Face Video

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Second video of the funny face.

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