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Get In! A Family Adventure….

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Today was the perfect day to go to the zoo.  Or so we thought, as did everyone else in the city!  As we inched up to the entrance in a line of what must have been several thousand (dozen) cars in front of and behind us, we had to quickly shift gears and figure out a Plan B.  After all, we’d just sung Raffi’s version of “Going to the Zoo” and talked about snowcones, train rides and monkeys on the way.  These kids were salivating all things zoo!

Joel is a good man and smart man.  We soon pulled into the parking garage of the Children’s Museum and were eating our perfect picnic lunch on the sidewalk in no time.  After several hours of all kinds of fun, I think the kids have given us a great indication of what they could grow up to be.  Ella was a natural behind the camera and should make a great meteorologist on day!  Seth really took to the crime lab and police car…you can see him practicing his officer friendly wave below:

Seth was ready to roll out of the museum

Kyle wasn’t as impressed with the Children’s Museum as the big two, and he found mommy’s shoulder to be the perfect spot for a power nap!

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