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Growing Too Fast!

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I regret that I haven't been in "posting mode" lately, as I'm in constant motion, bouncing between children all day (or so it seems). Truly, I think they'll NEVER take naps concurrently, but then I'm just going to have to add that to my prayer list.

Update on Seth: He is doing so well- thank you for your continued prayers and interest in his precious little life. I took him to the Dr this past week and he's right at 13 lbs and 25 inches at 3 months old. Not too shabby, young man! You've beat your sister at that age by a whole pound! He's still on track with the growth charts- praise the Lord! We also had another follow up appointment with ECI last week, in which our physical therapist, Linda (or as Ella calls her "Aunt Glenda") was pleased with his progress. Right now, Seth is still on track with other children his age. He is cooing and even trying to imitate some sounds that I make to him. I also find him trying so hard to reach up and grab Mr. Lion on his mobile (absolutely his favorite toy). He coos, laughs and smiles at the lion painting above his changing table too- Nana and I call him "brave heart." I can see that he's developing a sense of humor, which is necessary in this family, as he has started to pick up on my 101 faces when I'm playing with him and being silly. What a smile that boy has and you should hear him laugh! There's just nothing more to say about Seth other than the Lord has blessed us more than we can imagine with this kid. What did we ever do without him? I am completely smitten.

Update on Ella: Ella woke up one day about a week ago and decided that she was no longer a baby, she was a big sister. Literally, she started telling me this….and since then, she's decided she needs to wear big girl underwear. Hurray! Another answered prayer. She says something new and funny every day- I wish I had time and brain capacity to remember them all. Her new favorite question is, "Why?" And then I want to say, "WHY is my two-year-old already asking this question? I thought that happened later." Truly, because if I take the time to explain "why" she doesn't understand it….or does she? The other day, I said in her presence to Joel, "In about 10 minutes, she'll need an N-A-P." To which Ella retorted, "I don't WANT to take a NAP!" Scary. She loves to take care of "my Seffy" as she calls him. We've been working on "gentle" and I love how she's started to take on the mothering role. When he's crying, it's "Don't cry Seffy- Ella's here!" She told us she needed a "burp mouth…..I'll be right back" and ran back into the room carrying a burp rag, with which she ever so gently dabbed Seth's mouth and said, "There you go Seffy! You're all set!" She's good to kiss all over him and he is captivated by her. If he's crying, she's the first to tell us he's hungry and if someone new is holding him, she will try to pry him out of their arms and say, "I think he needs to hold his mommy." My life would be so dull without this little bolt of energy flying around the house all day. We LOVE our Ella girl!

Joel and I had our first road trip with the kids last weekend, as we went to be with Jamy and Kristin for her baby shower. Baby Micah is on his way in about 3 weeks and we can't wait to see this little nephew! The kids did great and yes, two parents, a toddler and an infant can get a restful night's sleep in a hotel room. I was a bit wary, but we pulled it off! It's late now and I'm debating a bowl of ice cream or off to bed….my head tells me one thing and my stomach another. Maybe it's bed now and a donut at church tomorrow. That's a fair trade.

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3 Responses to “Growing Too Fast!”

  1. Aunt Em August 3, 2008 at 1:48 pm #

    Em, you are simply amazing. You may not think you are, but I think you are wonder-woman! Give “Seffy” a kiss from Cate and I!

  2. Amanda Kaufmann August 3, 2008 at 10:56 pm #

    I love it! A burp mouth!! Thats great!

  3. Sarah August 4, 2008 at 3:35 pm #

    It’s like the yeiney knew…

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