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Video: Ella and Seth sing happy birthday to Great Granny

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The fun house is fortunate to have a wonderful grandmother and great grandmother. My dad’s mother is about as good a Granny as you could hope for. First of all, she loves God and has a committed relationship with Jesus. Second, she loves her family well, and has sacrificed so much for so many years for their well being.

Granny is the best!

Finally, she’s a sports fanatic. If you have any question about how the Rangers, Cowboys, or Mavericks are doing, she can give you an answer and probably do a better job analyzing the state of the team than most paid commentators. She’s a joy to our family. Yesterday, she turned 92 years old. We are so blessed to have her. Seth and Ella sang happy birthday for her. We love you Granny!

We’ve also posted new pictures on our funhouseblog Facebook page.


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