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Hard to Discipline When….

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Like any typical toddler, Ella needs to be disciplined every once and a while……last week as I was sternly telling her to keep her toys in the sandbox rather than giving them to Rosie to chew on, Ella looked up at me and immediately turned her frown to a smile, moved in just inches from my face, and said, "Hi Mommy!!!"  How could I help but smile and laugh?  She has started trying to play the "cute" card now during discipline.  That just makes it harder!  Side note- last week, she started forming two-word sentences on her own, mostly linking "hi," "bye," and "more" to words and people she knows.  Her favorite thing to say is, "Bye-bye, Momo."  (Translation:  Goodbye, Elmo……I said it once when turning off Sesame Street!)

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