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Hi everyone!

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We’ve had a busy, busy weekend here –  Praise God, we got a contract on our house last week (it was only on the market for about 40 days- isn’t God good?)!  Joel and I were so excited and spent the last half of the week and the entire weekend searching and searching for our next house….we’ve hardly been with the kids, except Saturday morning.  We found two homes that we loved and finally decided on a fav……SO, we’re holding on and making a (prayerful) offer on the new house on Monday morning!  We’re praying all goes well and just as the Lord has directed every detail up to this point, we are certain He will orchestrate the move beautifully.

What's up folks?

Back to the kids….we DID get in on some fun Saturday morning at Ella’s good buddy Woods’ birthday party!  It was a donut breakfast party and there was plenty of sugar to be passed around.  Aunt Amy make brunch for the adults and we rolled out the door with warm hearts and full bellies.  After that we headed over to Candy Cane Lane…..the children’s Christmas party at church.  Ella saw lots of buddies and even got to pet a camel in the live nativity!  We put sprinkles on cookies and jumped in bounce houses and petted every live animal that came in line of site.  It was loads of fun for a three year old and even better for mom and dad to stand by and watch.  I got to visit with lots of my buddies and dad was the perfect entertainer……he was in full control of both Ella AND Audrey for a few moments, to which Mariana and I would like to thank you, Joel!!!!!!!!!!!  Ella got in the car and announced that she needed some “Chick-A-Way.”  I did too.  But we’re buying a house…..and I’m decorating a house.  PBJs soon followed at home!

What about Seffy?  He’s got his first little cold- the poor puddin!  Well, he is human after all (although his Mimi insists he’s an angel in the flesh), so he’s going to get sick some time.  I’m doing all the baby-can’t-take-cold-medicine stuff: vaporizer, nose sucker, lots of fluids.  As you an see from the pic, he’s not really been affected.  Mr. Happy is still his usual, jolly self!  He’s still progressing right on track with his peer group and Joel and I remain encouraged by that.  All glory goes to the Lord!

So now I’m freaking out a little bit because come Monday morning, it will be only 10 days until Christmas.  I have no gifts for the kids.  They need nothing, but they need something to open up Christmas morning!  After all, Ella is just now coming around to Santa (check December this time last year- Santa photo was traumatic)….he’s got to come through this year.  I sure hope Toys R Us isn’t out of baby Ariel dolls, or I’m up the creek.  And she wants cars and trucks because Woods got some for his birthday.  We’ll see what Santa can come up with.  Seffy is going to open up some new pajamas (I have a thing for baby pajamas…..I have to stop myself from buying every footie jammies that I see in his size…..I LOVE FOOTIE PAJAMAS)!  Balls, trucks, baby boy stuff for him too.  You can’t go wrong buying for babies!  Joel and I are buying each other a house for Christmas.  Stay tuned for pics!

Merry Christmas is around the corner………….!

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2 Responses to “Hi everyone!”

  1. Lamandra December 15, 2008 at 2:50 pm #

    Wowee – hooray about the contract & finding your new dream pad! Fingers crossed that you get the house. And toes crossed that we’ll get to come visit it sometime soon!
    Merrrrry Christmas! Something tells me that Mommy will come through in a big way with Christmas for the kids!

  2. Amanda December 16, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    I LOVE footie pajamas! Chloe gets so excited when I pull hers out to wear…She says…ooohhh, jammies!!!

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