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Day 5 and we are still at the hospital as of Tuesday morning. I see
how the Lord is using this to work empathy in my heart toward families
who have endured days, weeks and even months with their children
receiving care. We are weary and tired. We are so ready to see our
own beds, eat our own food- hec, I'm excited about cooking. The good
news is that Seth has picked up a few new "tricks" since he's been
here- he's saying, "Ba" for ball and has started throwing the ball to
us and even following some simple commands. It's amazing how new ears
make such a difference! He's waving to anyone that we pass by or
comes into the room and can now pull up on anything. He even started drinking through a straw….big boy.

Now the technical stuff- we're waiting on "sensitivities" to come back
on his ear culture to tell us what drug will exactly kill this
infection. We are PRAYING that it is something oral that doesn't
require IV so that we can go home AND because Seth has been through 2
IVs already and stuck more than 7 times. His little veins keep
collapsing because he moves so much and his veins are so, so small. 

Here's what you can pray for today: 
-that drug sensitivies come back today and an oral antibiotic is found. 
-that we can go home. 
-wisdom for Joel and I in making decisions for his best interest in
the event that we are asked to stay another night. 
-peace for Ella- she misses her mommy SO much and is starting to
struggle a little.
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One Response to “HOW MUCH LONGER?”

  1. Poppa May 12, 2009 at 11:07 am #

    It hurts me to think about him being stuck so much but I keep telling myself that it is for his good… long term. I know you must be exhausted. My little man is going to go through it and remember little of it after a while but mom and dad collects some long term memories, or at least I did when I experienced things like that with the guys. One example: I took Joel in for a shot once as a baby and he was happy and playing and smiling and then they stuck him and he looked at me like, “What did you let them do to me and began crying.” I still remember and feel bad. We made it though. You will too. I’m praying for you all.

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