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July Fun

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In this video, you’ll see that the Fun House has experienced a lot of firsts in July.  Ella’s gotten tall enough that she can now jump and reach the handle and slide across the zipline-like playground apparatus (no idea what it’s called).  Seth is showing off his much improved throwing form.  That video was from the July 4th weekend that we spend in Tyler with my family.  The fun all happened at my brother’s home.  We were also joined there by our friends Rick, Abbie, and Noah from Noah’s Dad blog.

The kids hope you enjoy the video

Kyle now has the role of baby Jesus in the manger scene.  Seth plays a loving dad in Joseph trying to shush the baby while Ella, in her typically dramatic fashion, is mother Mary.  Seth was insistent on putting the blanket across the crib to cover Kyle’s face.  I guess he was worried about the germs in the “stable”.  Kyle’s laugh and shriek is a big hit around here right now and is evident once again in this video.  Seth and Kyle are learning to get along in their own way.  It’s a somewhat physically taxing relationship for the both of them as you can see.  Seth continues to enjoy each opportunity he has to let loose and dance with Ella.  You’ll see in this video that he has a tendency to close his eyes while he’s dancing around, which makes Emily and me nervous.

Finally, on the physical development front, Seth was able to go all the way up the tall bouncy house stairs and slide down,all on his own, at the inflatable zone.  We were extra excited about that!  Kids with Down Syndrome are challenged with low tone, or hypotonia, which causes them to take longer to reach gross motor, fine motor, and speech milestones.  So, we really celebrate when he shows off like this.  We hope you enjoy the video.  Let us know in the comments what new milestones your child reached that your family is celebrating.  We’d love to celebrate with you!


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3 Responses to “July Fun”

  1. Chris July 25, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    To say I love seeing pictures/videos/updates on your kids is an understatement. I love them like they’re a part of our family.

    But this comment is to point out how cool the video editing is on this. Joel mentioned the other day how there were a lot more edited videos of Ella when she was growing up than the other two. Props to you Joel for making time for this… it’s really well done! I’m proud of you, it’s not easy organizing all these videos.

    I love the blog header too, incredible job Sarah.

    • Joel July 25, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

      Yes..Sarah knocked it out of the park. Thanks for the encouragement, Chris. That girl of yours is awfully cute!

  2. Monica Crumley July 25, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    Can’t stop smiling! Thanks for the comment love on our blog, too! Ella and my Greta seem like the best big sisters in the world (John Michael has 2 big sisters, but Greta’s closest in age) and she gets him to dance and spin just like Ella and Seth. The Baby Jesus scene was so precious… we totally did that at Christmastime and our Luke was 5 months old then… John Michael climbed up huge bounce house stairs like that just this last Saturday. He only went down after Greta grabbed him and “made him” go down. He was happy to get up, but scared to go down. Yes, I think our kids were all separated at birth… so adorable! Are you going to the NDSC Convention? Would love to say hi. I won’t have JM with me, though… too hard without my husband there…

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