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Celebrating Kyle’s Second Birthday

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Kyle is probably the baby at the Fun House with the most nicknames….I could probably count past twenty in no time at all.  One of our favorites is “Cowell,” given to him by his big brother and it kind of stuck with everyone.  But I call him “Coco.” Not sure how that one came about, but it’s fitting nonetheless.  Again, I could reiterate everything I wrote from his post about his first birthday:  he is the ultimate baby, we spoil him to death unapologetically and he is truly a joyful little guy.

Kyle is truly a joy!

Not much has changed in a year other than mobility and the word “NO!”  But even the ultimate of all toddlers has to test authority with the word “no,” I guess.  We celebrated his second birthday in early October and Joel put together this video.

Here’s a list of Kyle’s favorite things, in no particular order:

1.  Pappy.  If Pappy is in the room (Em’s dad) nothing else seems to matter.  It’s a funny thing, because out of my three, we think Kyle looks most like my dad.  Even one of my best friends growing up calls him “little Clarence.” Too cute!  Kyle talks about Pappy constantly and everything we read in books or discuss at home somehow seems to come back to Pappy for Kyle.  Like the other day we were out in the yard and saw a big helicopter fly by.  He saw it, pointed and yelled, “Pappy!!!!!”  What on earth!?!

Kyle loves his Pappy

2.  Nannies!!!!!!  No, not someone who comes over to babysit, but “candies!”  M&M’s are his best and he gets the happy feet going along with a shout and a point when he’s ready for his nannies, followed by a “YEAH! YEAH!!!!!”
3.  Night-night.  Again, probably not what you’re thinking.  He doesn’t like to go to bed or down for a nap, but his best friend in all the world is a fuzzy little squirrel that he named “Night-night!”  His best thing in the world is to rub Night-Night’s tail on his upper lip and suck on two fingers.  That’s totally his happy place!

Happy place

4.  Ella.  This brother loves him some big sister!  (I think she’s pretty great too—can’t blame him.)  He loves to be in her bed every night while I’m tucking her in.  He takes great delight in destroying things in her room, but he will say and do most anything she tells him.

These boys are lucky to have Ella for a big sister

5.  Babies.  Well, not really babies, but berries.  He loves strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries….you name it!  But he does call them babies…..
6.  Dancing.  Yep, he’s definitely one of ours if he loves to dance!  😉
7.  Dadamomo.  Translation:  Elmo.  Also loves “Nooda?”  Mr. Noodle segment on Elmo’s World…we can’t figure out why!
8.  Haircut!  He doesn’t actually like getting his hair cut, but he does love to play Ella’s haircut game on mommy’s phone.  I’m continually amazed that he knows how to work that thing.
9.  Mommy rock!  He will go to the recliner every night and literally try to push Joel out of it shouting “NO! Mommy rock!”  And yeah, he wants me to rock him while we watch Dadamomo….
10.  Monkey back.  He likes to ride up and down the stairs on our backs.  We call it monkey back and we let him every time, of course!
11.  Momma.  Well, maybe I jumped the gun in saying Pappy was his favorite.  Truly, Pappy is right on up there, but Joel will admit that he’s a momma’s boy.  And I’m TOTALLY okay with it!

My little man is a momma’s boy

We are certain that if he was our only child, we would be so obnoxious about what a great baby he is that no one would want to be around us.  So, it’s a good thing we don’t brag on him too much!  😉

I love you, Kyle!


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5 Responses to “Celebrating Kyle’s Second Birthday”

  1. Joel November 5, 2012 at 12:40 am #

    We do love this boy. Could he be any cuter?! I don’t see how.

    • Mecca Johnson November 5, 2012 at 6:54 am #

      We love all of the pictures of videos of your beautiful, happy family. Happy Birthday to sweet Kyle.

  2. Amy Reed November 5, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    Ahh, Happy Happy Birthday sweet Kyle. What a blessing you are to your precious family! Much love to you sweet baby!

  3. Mimi girl November 5, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Kyle is number six on our list in number of Skaggs grandsons and is truly a heart stealer!! Mimi loves you sweet precious Kyle!!!

  4. Matt Powell November 5, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Love it! He cracks me up…. walks up to me and will talk talk talk and then look at me like I should know exactly what he just said. Such a great crew!

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