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Celebrating Kyle on his third birthday

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The days have passed quickly since all of the activity at the end of September with Jackson’s multiple TV appearances. However, in the midst of all the excitement with Jackson, the Fun House were so excited to celebrate Kyle’s third birthday. We enjoyed hosting my parents and Emily’s parents to celebrate Kyle.

Kyle's birthday brought out both sets of grandparents.

Kyle’s birthday brought out both sets of grandparents.















I told Em that with our ever expanding family, a legitimate party can break out at any time. We had the tried and true bouncy castle in the backyard with Chick-Fil-A and cookie cake combination for Kyle. He wanted a dinosaur birthday cake, and he got his wish. We captured some fun video and pictures that I compiled to memorialize the event. We hope you enjoy:

Notable things about Kyle at three years:

1. He is still very close with his blanket and stuffed animal squirrel (he calls it “night, night”). So much so that, one of his signs of affection is to rub the little squirrel’s tail on your face. Jackson regularly gets a squirrel rub while mom is holding him. Pretty cute, but also pretty funny.

2. Kyle has gone from sweet and charming almost all the time to sweet and charming a lot of the time and dictatorial and fiercely independent the rest. Seth gets a lot of commands now that he shares a room with Kyle. He tries to flex his “boss” muscles with mom and dad, so we are staying busy reminding him who is in charge.

3.  Kyle’s favorite color right now is orange (not to be confused with burnt orange).

4. He will, without hesitation, tell you that mommy is his favorite when given the choice between Mommy or Daddy.

4. His favorite food group is….. icing. However, he is the only child we have that will voluntarily eat a salad. Go figure.

5. His go to dance move is the gallop. A joyous dance, I must say.

6. He is Seth’s best speech teacher. Kyle’s big brother has Down syndrome, so a very talkative three year old is great for Seth. We find it particularly funny that Kyle will regularly over-annunciate his words. He’s probably seen us do it with Seth a lot.

Kyle and Seth are sharing a room now

Kyle and Seth are sharing a room now
















7. He is a great big brother. We were concerned about this with Jackson’s arrival and his close ties with mommy. However, he is very kind and gentle with Jackson, if not with Seth. He and Seth hit and kick each other with regularity.

Kyle is a great big brother
















8. He would gladly live at his Nana and Pappy’s house. We aren’t sure if he would miss the rest of us. He gets favorable treatment at the farm and gets to go on many an expedition as Pappy takes him everywhere he goes.

Kyle loves the farm. Here feeding the deer with Pappy.

Kyle loves the farm. Here feeding the deer with Pappy.
















9. He loves to play with trains and trucks and loves to play chase and tackle with me (daddy). He gets my attention by saying, “Dad, come on dad!”

10. He is so independent that he will re-do an action that we didn’t allow him to do that he wanted to do. If you open the door, and he wanted to open the door, he will close it again and re-open himself. Copy and paste this to just about any other activity and you get the picture. See #2 above.

We love our Kyle. We pray that God uses him in a great way for His glory.


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