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Kyle’s One Year Birthday Video

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It’s been over a month since our last post here at the Fun House. It’s time that we shared the video of our Kyle’s birthday. We had family and friends over the weekend before and then celebrated Kyle’s birthday with just Seth, Ella, Mom, and Dad on the actual day. Kyle has been such a blessing to us in the first year. You’ll notice that he’s mastered crawling and is now cruising on the furniture. We know what that means. He’ll be walking any day now. I still remember the day when Seth started cruising. I was pretty excited! I was no less excited by Kyle’s big day.

Now that's a sweet little face

He has been the easiest little one, but now we are starting to see his personality come out. He’s a big fan of anything long and thin like spaghetti, mom’s necklace, and my work badge which is on a lanyard around my neck. Sometimes I’ll be leaving for work and he’ll start getting upset. At first, I thought he was upset that I was leaving, but then we quickly realized he just wanted the lanyard. I mentioned his passion for the lanyard to the security lady at work and she gave me an extra just for Kyle. Another thing that Emily and I laugh about is that Kyle gets frustrated now and has a funny way of showing it. When he gets frustrated, he’ll crawl back a few paces and then put his forehead right on the ground. It’s the equivalent of banging your head against a wall. It’s really funny to watch! I’ll let Emily fill in some of the details about Kyle. She’s due for an update soon. In the meantime, enjoy the video.


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