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Dscn1831_1 Nothing else to say other than Ella is growing like a weed and changing so much week-by-week.  Her smile is the highlight of our day.  She is still really enjoying bath time and lights up when mommy whistles or daddy sings the "peanut butter sandwich" song.  We do spend a lot of time talking, singing, reading and playing.  Naptimes are getting shorter between feedings, meaning mommy is doing A LOT of entertaining (and Ella is doing a lot of learning).  Nights are still questionable as to how long Ella is going to sleep between feedings.  I’ve been told that 12 weeks will be a magical turning point and that "boot camp" will be over……then there’s still those people who ask "is she sleeping through the night yet???"  PLEASE!  On a side note- a big thanks to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Liz for the A&M binky!!!!   -Em

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