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Night Owl……Again

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Well, it’s 11 pm and the baby just got to bed…..I know, we’re surprised too.  Don’t worry, it’s not been a rough night for her….she’s been happy as a clam, just so long as we didn’t put her in the bed.  We did the usual routine with bath at 8:30, then bed before 9.  She cried more than usual once we put her in bed, so Joel rescued her and she played good and hard all through the living room and kitchen.  Crawling SO fast, playing peekaboo with mommy around the couch, pulling up on her big green dragon MANY times, climbing in and out of a box I had in the room, tapping her little toys on the floor, slapping the bookcase, rearranging magnets on the fridge, licking the dishwasher, chewing on binky, reading Brown Bear, etc.  She’s been busy, busy, busy.  She didn’t nap more than usual today….guess she just thought we’d extended visitation hours or something.  What a kick!  She was also talking up a storm.  Now loves to stick her tongue in and out of her mouth really fast while making noise….kinda sounds like, "Laddoo laddoo laddoo laddoo," over and over and really fast.  Joel and I have just been shaking our heads and laughing……if asked, I’d say this stage is my favorite.  But ask me again in a month or two and I’ll probably say the same thing.  I know I said it a few months ago.  😉

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