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Quick Change Artist

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So much of the blog is now dedicated to Seffy, but I must catch you up on our Ella girl.  She is a firecracker- grandmothers say she is just really busy, but I say she is a FIRE CRACKER!  Joel asked me tonight, "Do you think Jesus would have remained sinless if he was married with children?"  Ha ha ha, Joel….it is a funny thought though.  How does a beautiful little three year old know exactly how and when to push those buttons?  I guess they come programmed that way.  I can't read through Dobson's "Strong Willed Child" fast enough. 

The issue of the week: wearing clothes.  I'm really working on this with her- does any other mother fight this battle day in and day out?   The minute we walk in the door, she strips off her clothes- "Mommy, I need to take off my going clothes!"  Ella would rather run around in her underwear all day than wear clothes. But if she MUST wear clothes, then it's the blue Ariel nightgown….and that is what she calls her "staying clothes," unless, of course, it's time for bed, in which it is simply her Ariel nightgown.  Of course!  Just thumb through our photo gallery and you'll see it in every other picture.  Back to the issue at hand:  Ella must wear clothes all day- every day.  So, I've devised a plan.  It is called the "clothes basket."  Yes, Emily, you are so original.

The clothes basket is in the corner of her room and each morning (ideally), she and I pick out three outfits for the day.  She can change clothes as many times as she'd like thoughout the day, as long as she immediately puts on another outfit that is in the clothes basket.  And no, the string of nightgowns do not count.  So far, so good.  I'm waiting for the 3-day "new and fun" notion to wear off to see where we are with things….but it feels good to have a plan in place.  The outfits for the clothes basket are usually the same, her favorite pink camo flouncy skirt, her pink shorts (or as she calls them, "hot pants"), her Dallas Cowboys t-shirt that is a miniature version of daddy's, a dress and something that mom picks out as her "going clothes" for the day.  Next week's challenge may be try-everything-on-your-plate week.  But I feel the clothes issue must be tackled once and for all.  We can do it, Ella girl!!!!
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3 Responses to “Quick Change Artist”

  1. Amanda February 25, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    The clothes basket sounds like a brilliant idea. I’ll tuck that one away!

  2. becky kiser February 25, 2009 at 11:13 am #

    What a great idea! You are such a great mom! 🙂

  3. Jennifer February 25, 2009 at 10:00 pm #

    That is a good one. My 8 year old daughter still tries to run around in her undies…. I finally got her to sleep in pj’s again. She went through a phase where she would sleep in just her panties.

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