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Dscn2020 Ella is on the move!  Joel and I placed her on the floor this evening with the blanket over her while we sat down to eat dinner and a few minutes later, she had scooted around on the mat a full 90 degrees at least…..kicking the blanket all the while.  We watched as she was scrunching up her legs and arching her back to get a full scoot.  At one point, she’d scooted off the quilt and on to the wool rug, almost pinning one of her feet under the ottoman.  (Don’t fear grandparents, she was in no danger or pain.)

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One Response to “Scoot-a-Loot”

  1. Jamey March 4, 2006 at 11:50 pm #

    Been awhile since we added a post, but our opinions certainly haven’t changed… cutest chittlin I’ve ever seen and still looking forward to the day we get to meet her. We look at the sight everyday, so don’t stop adding pictures! We miss ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ more than words can say and constantly find ourselves being reminded of you or in situations where we wish you were with us to share laughs… I miss the laughs. Can’t wait to see the cutie and spend a few days with you, just another month!!!
    Jamison (forever fun Bobby)

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