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Sick and Tired

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Last week Ella got sick with a stomach bug, then 72 hours later, Kyle and Seth both got sick. In the midst of this, Emily was also sick, but with a milder case, and then I got sick. So, the best we can tell, we all were taken down by some kid that Ella got a little too close to in her class at church. Seth, as usual, gets the worst of it when sickness comes to visit the Fun House.  He also got the stomach bug, but apparently at the same time, he was developing another ear infection.  So, as soon as he recovered somewhat from the stomach bug, he had to start taking an oral antibiotic along with antibiotic ear drops to knock out the ear infection.  Just as the ear infection was being tamed, Seth had contracted another stomach virus.  And that is where we stand today.  Everyone else is on the mend, but Seth remains a very sick boy. Children with Down syndrome typically have a weakened immune system.  This explains Seth’s more frequent bouts with viruses along with his difficulty in fighting off viruses when he contracts them.

Everyone is on the mend, except Seth

We are thankful that Seth’s heart is quite strong and free from any known defect. The incidence of congenital heart disease in children with Down syndrome is up to 50 percent. But, while his heart may be functioning well, his body needs a break from this current sickness.  We’d like for him to be well enough to go to his school on Monday.  This will be his first full year in the PPCD program.  He got to go the last few months of the school year after he turned three, but now he’ll get to experience the half-day program all school year. Pray for Seth to feel better for that day.  We’d hate for him to miss going to school on the same day his big sister goes to kindergarten.

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2 Responses to “Sick and Tired”

  1. KYouell August 27, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Our son was born with a heart defect that had to be surgically repaired when he was 10 months old. Luckily he seems to have the immune system of an ox. So, unlucky one way, lucky in others. My best to Seth.

    • Joel August 27, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

      Thanks for the kind word. Seth has been blessed not to have the heart problems. He’ll grow out of some of this, but it can be a grind sometimes.

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