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Super Baby Weekend!

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Dscn1900 Now we know what it would be like to have twins!  We kept little Will, who is five days older than Ella, on Saturday night while his mommy and daddy had a birthday celebration date.  It wasn’t bad, but then again, it was only for a few hours.  They looked at each other a lot and we took turns with them in the swing.  In this picture, we were trying to keep binkies in their mouths because they got the hiccups at the same time (it was SO cute)!  Joel and I took turns on diaper duty and Joel fed Will his bottle while I fed Ella.  Nanna and Pappy babysat Ella on Friday night for the first time and she really let them hear her being fussy.  I’m sure it was just because she was tired and really MISSED HER MOMMY!  On Sunday morning, Ella went to the nursery at church for the first time and had fun in her "Sunday school" class for all I could tell.  She already knew Will from lots of play dates, so I’m sure that was comforting to her.  😉  When I picked her up, there were 15 babies in her room (all under the age of 6 months) and 3 busy workers.  About half of the babies were crying, but not Ella- she just looked at me like, "What in the world have you gotten me into?"  I told Joel to guess how many babies were in her room and he said "50?"……when I told him there were 15, he acted like it was no big deal!  Then I reminded him, that’s 5 babies to 1 person….I think that helped his perspective!

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