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Ten things I like about Ella right now

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1. She attempts a half jog and swings one arm for momentum, I guess.
2. She has a half smile on her face when she walks around the place like she’s getting away with something.
3. She attempts to climb up on stuff that she has no potential of actually getting up on.
4. She tries to scream at Mommy when she is chasing her.
5. She often nods her head up and down when someone is changing her diaper as if to signal that the person is doing exactly what he/she should be doing.
6. She points at random things and says, "Suh!?"
7. She comes and hands us stuff now.  Usually it’s a book.
8. She still plays peek-a-boo upside down.  It’s staple in her repertoire.
9. She loves to look at pictures of herself and say "baby."
10. She loves to say "dada" and always wants me to hold her.


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