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Tiny Dancer- Update for Becca

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So, a few days ago, Joel posted a “pregnancy update” with the down-to-the-minute stats of how long until our little one is due.  Becca, you wanted more info and several others have expressed their disappointment in lack of information, so this one is for YOU!

First of all, the baby is nicknamed “Tiny Dancer” for now.  I don’t know why, it just came out one day and kind of stuck.  I’m right around 15 weeks and am starting to feel little bitty movements just all over my lower abdomen.  What a miraculous feeling!  Though this is baby number three, it feels like something new every time.

Cravings:  pickles, mayo, sour cream, McDonald’s sausage biscuits, melted American cheese on something, hot dogs and MEAT: beef, turkey, pastrami, salami, sausage….the richer and fattier, the better!  (Becca, I know you are cringing right now because a nutritionist wouldn’t feed this kind of stuff to a growing baby, but what can I say??)  But to any preggo mommas out there, let me recommend a turkey, mayo and pickle sandwich on any kind of bread.  WHOA- yummy!

Are they ready for a brother?

We find out who Tiny Dancer is in just a few weeks.  I’m so excited to get to check out those little fingers and toes.  Want to know our name choices?  It will be Kyle Jackson for a boy or Callie Joy for a girl.  I kind of have a feeling (according to every old wives tale complete nonsense) that it’s a girl!  But the Lord has filled me with such peace and joy with the thought of this new baby, so “Joy” seems so appropriate for me to name this child should SHE be the Tiny Dancer….???

Ella is measuring up my tummy every day and loves to talk to my belly button.  I guess she thinks it’s like the portal to little one’s current home.  She told me just the other day, “Mommy!  Your tummy is starting to get big like Aunt Kristin!”  (who is just a few weeks away from delivering our nephew Gavin)  Ella calls it “that baby tummy” and will say things like, “Mom, how’s that baby tummy doing right now?”  “Are you tired?  It’s because of the baby tummy, huh?”

She is already in distress about not being able to spend the night at the hospital with me when the baby is born.  Rewind a few hours, and she’s already mentioned that when it’s time for me to leave for the hospital, we’ll just drop Seth off with Nana and she’ll ride in the back of the car with me and let me put my head in her lap because my baby tummy will be so big that I won’t be able to sit up.  We’ve had countless conversations about how big sisters can’t be in the delivery room because the baby will need a bath first….interesting questions from a curious little 4-year-old.  Momma is doing LOTS of editing and pretending I didn’t hear half of them.

Her names for the baby are Sally or Sam.  I told her we already had an “S” for Seth, so we picked “Callie” instead.  That actually checked out with her (whew!)….She likes the name Kyle now and is very proud to tell any and everyone what “we” are going to name “our” baby.  I told her that when the baby is born, she will have to be in charge of it sometimes.  And other times, she’ll have to be in charge of Seth.  “Mom, I know what to do.  I will change the baby’s diapers…but now the poo-poo diapers…just the wet ones.  I will give it a bath and pick out the baby’s clothes.”  It’s totally up her alley….

All in all, I’m feeling well again.  I was nauseated and exhausted the first trimester- nothing unusual.  I still try to catch a few minutes of rest every afternoon if the kids are complaint and the stars align at home…..Truthfully, I’m so busy with the other two that I know I don’t think about it near as much as I would if this was my first.  I haven’t given much thought to the nursery or any details really.  For all I know, we can just pop up the pack-n-play and let it live in there for a while!  Totally flexible over here.  It’s funny how life and little kids can either wind you up or lay you back.  I feel like I’m learning to let things go more and more- there’s freedom in that!

Off to bed- I’ll have little ones up before I’m ready in the morning (Seth mostly).  He’s fighting a tummy bug right now and is waking up, well, needing a bath every morning.  Pray for him and quick healing.  Also, pray protection over the rest of us from the “black plague!”

I love you, Becca.  I miss you.  I’m praying for you, Paul and the kids.  Thanks for giving your life for the glory of the Lord as you serve in Ethiopia.  You and Paul are real heros.

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3 Responses to “Tiny Dancer- Update for Becca”

  1. Katie April 25, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    I love the names you have picked out already! So cute! Thanks for posting the photo shoot pictures!

  2. Becca April 26, 2010 at 5:40 am #

    Love you guys too! Thanks for the nitty gritty update! Especially for those of us who can’t pick up the phone to talk to you. It is so true what you said kids either wind you up or lay you back! I have been thinking about that too, but didn’t come up with such a catchy phrase. i also crave turkey sandwiches when pregnant…and sausage and fried chicken and ice cream and chips…this list could go on and on! We will be praying for the Tiny Dancer…Callie or Kyle! Tell Ella and Seth hi for us!

  3. Em May 9, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    Em, next time add some banana peppers with your pickles! And don’t forget that Tabasco does go nicely on anything!!
    I’ll head your way in a few weeks and we’ll go out for hot wings- my fave!!

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