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Today Show Follow Up Interview – Jackson’s Live TV Birth

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Well, just when we thought the fun was over, we were asked for a live follow up interview on the Today Show to discuss Emily’s live TV birth of Jackson on Monday as part of the Today Show’s #BornTODAY focus. Here’s the relevant footage of our family during this morning’s program.

This morning was about the most challenging it gets from a parenting perspective. Seth woke up cranky and Kyle, who is entering his most challenging toddler age, was flexing his independence muscles with force. All the new people and the change in routine wasn’t ideal for happy, compliant children. Thus, sitting on a couch for “look-ins” every seven minutes and then doing the actual interview required plenty of cajoling and other forms of “encouragement” to get Seth and Kyle to cooperate. The camera, production guys, and producer NBC used were all great along with the representative from Woman’s Hospital of Texas who provided extra hands to go along with Emily’s parents. Emily was happy to see that Dr. Cone got some more face time on the footage of the birth that hadn’t been shown on Monday. He deserves the recognition for his excellent work in delivering all four of our children and his special care for Emily over the years. Needless to say, we won’t be forgetting this week, and not primarily because of the media exposure. The TV folks go away, but we get to enjoy the precious gift of Jackson for a long time. We praise God for him and pray that he magnifies the name of Jesus with his life.

Setup NBC interview

They moved some furniture to get the shot

This NBC team made us look good

This NBC team made us look good


Here’s the full Today Show segment from their website with the transcript of our portion:

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And here’s the transcript of our interview:

>> all right. let’s switch it over to texas. we’ll meet the skaggs family . their newest member entered at 7:38 a.m . right on queue. he is now at home with his parents and and brothers and sisters . good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> i love the name. he seemed destined for country stardom.

>> i know. i laughed about it. he should have been born with a cowboy hat and boots. we’re in houston after all.

>> well, he is adorable. what was it like to have our cameras right there at the moment of birth?

>> joel what was it —

>> well it was really — i was shocked at the fact that she even decided to do it because she told me many times not to put certain pictures on facebook. so the fact that she was willing to have her knees up in the air was wild to me.

>> that does maybe ask the question was there ever a moment when you thought, why did i agree to do this?

>> i mean, honestly, once i had — once it was time to push and we were about to do it, you know, i realized there were 20 people in the room. there was a man standing up on a couch behind me and i thought i have committed to this, i have to do this. but it was good fun. i would have done it again.

>> well, you gave us a lot of memories. i know it’s a memory you’ll treasure. we’ll wait to hear about jackson wayne skaggs in life. thank you so much for joining us.

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