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Tummy Time

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Dscn2002Ella is doing a good job of lifting her head up and holding it up for several seconds while she’s on the prescribed "tummy time" to build the neck/back muscles and avoid flat-head syndrome.  Pappy seems to really check out the shape of her head every time he sees her, so I’m sure we’ll hear it from him first if he thinks there’s a problem!  She’s still not doing so good with her balance and after she’s been up for a few seconds, she promptly starts kicking her feet and then flops nose-down into the floor.  At least she’s not screaming the minute I place her on her tummy any more…it seems to be a bit more tolerable.  She’s also found her hands and is constantly putting them in her mouth if it is not occupied by a binky.  She’s a happy little girl and smiles more readily to strangers now…..that makes Nanna and Pappy happy….not that they’d like to be called "strangers."

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  1. LaRue Skaggs (Mimi) February 22, 2006 at 9:43 am #

    What a little angel!! She looks pretty in all colors.

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