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Video: Seth shows us his golfing skills and the Brad Hennefer story

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As you can see from our last post, the fun house is working diligently on its collective golfing skills. Seth would not be out done by his sister. As you’ll see, he is well on his way to pounding that ball down the fairway. I haven’t seen a lot kids playing golf with Down syndrome, but I did find an inspirational video about Brad Hennefer who is a high school student with Down syndrome who has a really nice golf swing and a nice touch from three point range. Maybe Seth will follow in Brad’s footsteps. I know for a fact that Seth will have better form on his jump shot than Brad has on his jump shot. That push shot from the chest that Brad displayed isn’t going to cut it…..I’m totally joking. If the shot goes in, that’s all that counts. That form seems to work in the NBA for Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks. Without, further delay, Seth’s golfing skills video:




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