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We’re Still Here….

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Seth's doctor came by this morning and we're going to be in for
another day. He's waiting on a bacterial culture taken from his ear
(during surgery) to grow and then be tested against several types of
antibiotics to hopefully find one that can be taken orally (rather
than through IV), so we can go home and knock these ear infections out
once and for all. Seffy boy pulled out the IV on his left foot this
morning, so the "Vascular Access Team" (IV specialists….) just
came and left and finally found a vein in his right foot after
pricking both hands and blowing veins in each. He was hysterical
during this process, mostly because it took 3 adults to hold him
down. He is a tough little fella and strong as an ox- he proved that
just a few minutes ago! Daddy and I were borderline hysterical
ourselves…….Here's what I need you to pray for: 

-That an antibiotic is found to kill the culture tomorrow morning so
that we can…. 
-Be released from the hospital on Monday. 
-That Seth won't pull out this IV and that it will last through the
duration of our hospital stay. 
-That Seth's ear infections will be cleared after this entire process
and that his hearing remain good. 

Jehovah Rapha is the Great Healer- and I know He cares about veins and
ears just as much as anything else.
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One Response to “We’re Still Here….”

  1. Jennifer Murrell May 10, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    Hey Emily/Ms. Skaggs will be praying for yall and SEFFY ha ha! I dont really care for IV,s myself and remeber when i was a little older thn him trying to pull them out too when i wouldhave a hospital stay. Hope that medicine kills it all! Nothing is impossible with God! Amen! He is our healer,provider, and our very present help in time of need! Amen! Have a wonderful day/ wk see ya wednesday! Will check the blog for updates.
    In God I Trust
    Jennifer Murrell

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